• Wow! It's been since July 2016 that we've met as a NYC User Group!

    HI folks -- Woaw. It's been since July 2016 that we saw each other as a NYC user group! How about that? My first attempt to poll for an upcoming get-together got 9 replies, so I'm trying a bit of a different approach...
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  • Jive Developer Days 2016: NYC — Stop 1

    (Awesome photoshop skills)     Well, I'm super excited to announce that we've got our first event for Jive Developer Days and it's going to start at Big Apple and a big thank you to Social Edge Consulting f...
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    created by Rashed Talukder
  • Bringing JiveWorld's Power of Connection to New York City

    Hi NY Jive Customers,   Whether you were able to attend JiveWorld and can't get enough of connecting with your peers, or even if you weren't able to join this year, we're giving you another chance to continue the...
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  • Jive Developer Days > Coming to a City Near You!

    The Developer Days are Coming!   You guys have been asking for it, and we've listened! Taking your feedback from JiveWorld16, we're going take our hackathon materials on the road in a 4 hour workshop + hack da...
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    created by Ryan Rutan