• Pros to installing JIVE.

    As we look at a replacement for SocialCast, What are your thoughts about JIVE?
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  • Google Tag Manager; is there any plan to support using GTM rather that plain GA for Third Party Analytics settigns?

    My question is more specific to Jive 9 on-prem, but probably applies to others. Now that we've moved to explicit support for certain Third-Party solutions: Core Help   Is there a plan to support GTM rather tha...
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  • Looking for a Enterprise Social Network tool.

    My organization is currently using Social Cast for an Enterprise Social Networking tool. Social Cast is being depredated. We are looking for a replacement. How is JIVE working for your organization? What are the pros ...
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  • Does anyone know which tiles are available for Jive Daily?

    I came across this document: List of Tiles that display in Jive Daily | Jive Cloud however this list seems to be for the cloud version of Jive. My company is currently using Jive 9.0.2 and we have implemented the Ji...
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  • If you are an On Premise Customer, what version of Jive are you on?

    Curious to see where all of the on premise customers are at in their upgrades.
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  • Jive version and Hosting solutions

    Hi Experts,   I am trying to learn the difference of Jive versions on the 3 different hosting solutions , Jive has. Following are my assumptions:   1. As of date, Jive has 3 different ways of hosting its p...
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  • Loop module license error

    The user with email address "justin.watson@hds.com" is receiving below error, while access "theLoop": "There are licensed modules which have been suspended due to license expiration" I had also attached the screen s...
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    created by mgurram
  • Seeing an I/O exception error

    Hi, Ryan King , Ryan Rutan   We are trying to setup on-prime jive9 instance. We are seeing some issue since Monday, 24th April evening PST. On running any maven related command, we are getting following error. ...
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  • Join our webinar and learn how to break language barriers!

    In Multi-language communities language barriers can become a major obstacle in communication and collaboration.   You want to learn how to bring your linguistically diverse communities to collaborate together ef...
  • What makes On Premise Customers special?  :-)   How do On Premise Customer needs differ from Cloud Customers?

    Based on my experience talking to On Premise Customers recently at JiveWorld14, it appears to me that On Premise customers might be using Jive differently from Cloud users.   For example, it seemed to me that On...
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  • Jive Video Module in an On-Prem environment

    Our Jive installation is On-Prem and we are currently exploring the various challenges with implementing the video module.  We would like to hear how other on-prem Jive customers have handled various aspects of t...
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  • Process to add a new webapp node to an existing cluster

    Does anyone have a working cookbook process to add a node to an existing cluster?  Example scenario:  You have a working cluster of 4 webapp nodes (On Jive 8) and increased usage has required you to scale up...
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  • Jive on Azure Cloud

    Has anybody implemented their 'on-prem' instance in an Azure-based environment?
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    created by Carl Samberg
  • Jive throws 502 - Service Unavailable - proposed fix

    Hello,   I just started working on Jive support a week ago, and was told that sometimes the clients were getting 502 - Service Unavailable on their browser. This also happens when running other web calls like we...
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  • Has anyone elasticized their on-prem Webapps?

    We are working on several integrations into our on premise Jive environment.  This is pushing a lot of additional connections though our load balancer to the web application servers.  We are going to reach a...
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    created by noelwhite
  • On-premise customers: do you allow access to your content from outside your network?

    We are currently running Jive 6 on-premise, with the servers behind our firewall.  The problem with that architecture is we don't have a good way to enable our users to access the content remotely (when they are ...
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  • Hyper-V

    Any customers running Jive in a Hyper-V environment?   Any feedback / experiences would be helpful.   Regards   Philippe
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  • Welcome to the new user group for On-Premise customers!

    Hey Barbara Ludwig Noel White ,  Dan Larsen ,  Jill Ross ,  Ryan Schaller   Here's the user group that I created for you. Feel free to set it up as you wish, you are current all granted Admin stat...
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