Greetings fellow Jivers!

I am very pleased to launch the Phoenix User Group with this post and look forward to meeting you virtually and face-to-face at an upcoming PUG event. At the time of this post, the Jive Community allows us to message each other only if I am following you, AND you are following me!  Hint: take a few minutes on arriving here and follow the other PUG Members. Then create a Blog Post and introduce yourself!


Our Jive Journey Began 01-July-2013.

As a global software company specializing in Business Networks, their Transactions, Integrations and their Security, our story evolved through acquisitions and additions of multiple corporate cultures, regional and international cultures, product and solution lines, customer bases and verticals. Axway faced huge challenges of siloed knowledge, limited collaboration between teams and dozens of redundant systems and workflows. After limited success over the years with wiki's, content management systems, portals, forums tools, knowledge management systems and workflows, social media pushes and apps, we realized it was time to completely change the paradigm.


From Ideation to Production in 3 months.

We busted the mold with Jive. Unheard of in Axway's history for an internal project of this size, we went from ideation to production in just under 3 months. And then a big-bang launch 2 months later. What a blur it was! Focusing on two big, deep and wide use cases, with Jive Professional Services' strategic guidance and help, we fast-tracked Jive into usage across the organization, worldwide, and today we enjoy 80% active participation (consumption, commenting, sharing) from our 1800+ employees and 30% of them are active content creators!


JiveWorld13 was a highlight of our first months. Seemingly perfectly timed with where we were in our journey, being able to talk to and hear from so many Jive customers about their own first months' experiences was exactly what we needed. Staged at the beautiful Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas, we couldn't have had a better backdrop for the fun and excitement it was to hear about the features of and the ways folks were using Jive in their organizations and communities.


Taking the lead from other Jive customers, we tightly controlled the creation of Spaces and allowed open creation of Groups. We insisted on face-to-face training and introductions to Jive to speak directly to the elephant-in-the-room that is the human resistance to change. What resulted was an earnest willingness from most to try something new. Combined with the advanced gamification module -- which we are still rolling out -- folks' adoption is beyond our expectations.


Be an Enabler Today.

I'm not trying to sugar-coat our journey by any means. It has been a rough one. Human change is a beast that bites! Yet, today we have momentum. Folks coming to trainings no longer have their arms crossed asking "What is this Jive thing?" or "Why should I be in Jive?", but they're asking us, and earnestly, "How can I do *this* in Jive?" and "How can I use Jive in my work?"


I very much look forward to reading your Jive stories.


Warmest regards,

Mike O.

Phoenix User Group Moderator, Jive Community

Enterprise Community Manager, Axway