This update is going to be fairly quick, but wanted to let everyone know that I released version of the:

Unsubscribe Email Plugin


Basically, this provides a means for users of a Jive Community (in most cases, external deployments only) to anonymously come in and disable their notifications through a simple email verification process.  The most common use-case has to do with users who forget their passwords, and want a simple means to stop emails from coming to their inbox.


Note: I have tested the plugin, but there is still a chance I may need to go in and remove all Watches for that user for this to be comprehensive.  If possible, I would love to hear what others think of it's functionality and see if that is truly needed, or if this works well as-is.


Edit:  FYI, We'll be rolling this out to the JC very soon, most likely during our next maintenance window.


Also, if you like this idea, please dont forget to vote on the idea:

Feature Discussion: Help people unsubscribe easier