I'm excited to join the Rocky Mountain User Group as a customer and group admin! Thank you Kelly Carlsted for reaching out and allowing me to help curate the customer "cluster" here in Colorado. I've had a chance to meet many of you through regional Jive events and in Vegas at JW. I'm excited to start engaging a group that has more to share other than our view of the mountains and a love of craft beers. We get to utilize one of the coolest social business platforms around and work to make sure it's a valuable tool for our audience.


I have a few personal goals for our community but want to hear your feedback as well. My primary goal is to increase dialogue within our group and work with Kelly Carlsted and Roger Hughes to schedule "quasi-official" meet-ups here in the Denver area either at our office locations or a happy hour off-site.


Over the next few days I'll be populating this group with some polls designed to seek out your needs and some discussions around some of my favorite social biz topics.


I look forward to seeing our community grow both in users and engagement.


Jive On,


Adam Behrens


What do you want to meet about? Poll