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Well, we wrapped up the first customer hosted Jive customer meeting at DISH. Thanks to everyone that helped put this together and participated.


We had five objectives:

  • Have fun
  • Be open
  • Solve problems
  • Walk out with ideas
  • Leave wanting more


I think we met our objectives

Have fun - plenty of laughs

Be open - shared a lot of insights including missteps and mistakes

Solve problems - I think this is on-going as we made some great connections and started some great conversations

Walk out with ideas - check

Leave wanting more - Jacob McNulty expressed interest in hosting the next meeting ('re it)


Also - keep me accountable for some action items:

Upload the deck with facilitator notes, meeting notes, and any process documents you feel comfortable sharing


Workshops left open:


Missteps and Mistakes - to be continued

missteps and mistakes.jpg

Executive Steering Psuedo-Case Study

Executive Steering.jpg


Mile High Meet Up

Posted by a_behrens Sep 4, 2014

Tomorrow DISH Network will host some Rocky Mountain User Group Members as well as some non-Rocky Mountain User Group Members. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and continued get-togethers.


If you feel you didn't get an invite - check your Spam Filter.