Hey Rocky Mountain User Group,


It's been awhile since we had any activity in this group and I sincerely apologize. It's a testament to the need for CM's to be tenacious in both content creation and community outreach. The role of community manager is challenging and hard to define. No "traditional" department exists where they reside - our CM works in the Training Design Department of the Channel Training org. They have also emerged in IT, Corporate Communications, Operations, etc.


The responsibilities of the CM also varies greatly. The CM often begins as an advocate of a platform and someone that spins up a community while defining rules of engagement and observing behavior. But as Social Business Systems mature we are seeing an evolution in the role and a re-structuring of purpose. The cultivator becomes the curator and teams revisit the compost heap of failed proposals and engagement techniques to see if they can resurrect something or mine good ideas. Like all of us that support and promote a social platform we all find ourselves in a similar spot, asking a similar questions...where do we go from here?


Let's get together soon and talk about the present state of Community Management and what the future may bring. Here's some food-for-thought?


1. If someone had a career goal of being a Sr. Community Manager what college curriculum would you recommend?

2. Start with "what do you do?" and then ask "why" five times and see where you end up.

3. Why isn't there an Office of Community Management in your organization?


Jacob McNulty what do you say we get the band back together?


Adam Behrens