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Thank you to everyone who participated in the Community Manager Workshop during the Rocky Mountain User Group Meet-Up on 5/21. Take a look at the picture below, and you may remember our activity surrounding the different roles and responsibilities of a Community Manager. I took some time on Friday to compile these different responsibilities. While the role probably means something different to each of our Jive instances, there were some common themes. Below are the top ten.


Top 10 Roles of a Community Manager:


  1. Moderate and manage Content - moderate it, publish it, curate it, promote it, update it, analyze it, organize it

  2. Market your site- As Community Managers, we are the ultimate champions of our sites. This often means learning how to market our sites to various audiences.

  3. Provide general site maintenance, technical support, and upgrade planning

  4. Review site reporting and analytics

  5. Recognize contributors - As our communities grow, it can be important to recognize those contributing to the community. This recognition may mold positive behavior for other users.

  6. Build and administer new groups

  7. Document use cases, share best practices, and meet with other Community Managers

  8. Answer questions. But since you can't do it alone..."Form an army of experts, evangelists, and watchdogs" to help answer questions and promote your community.

  9. Provide training and coaching on the community's objective and functionality. This includes documenting and distributing community guidelines.

  10. Engage!


Did we miss something? If you have other ideas, please share them below!