• How to get a list of user_id's followed by each user_id in either the Analytics or Application database?

    What's the best way to get a list of user_id's followed by each user_id in either the Analytics or Application database?   I know that a follow is activity_type 270 and based on that I can pull fields like  ...
    Jason Miller
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  • Number of Content Follows, Content Shares, Friend requests

    Can someone guide me on how to get the following metrics from jive databases- 1. Number of Followers for Content (threads, questions, blogs etc.) 2. Number of Shares for Content It would be good to have the numbers...
    Donna 840
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  • Do you share your metrics with your community members?

    I currently compile a monthly dashboard of reports taken from the CMR for my community stakeholders and advocates, but I don't share this information with my members. For my members I only compile community success st...
    Katherine Carter
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  • Cross-Post: Is anyone using Omniture for DES Analytics (jive-n)?

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    Tim Sphar
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  • How do I disable the viewers panel for Impact Metrics?

    If you want to see the total unique viewers but not the names of viewers...
    Josh Richau
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  • CMR - doesn't include Project counts?

    We've been doing a lot of clean-up of "dead" spaces and groups, and were using content pages and CMRs to get a handle on what was unused in our community. I've just realized that although there is a checkbox to includ...
    created by tmaurer
  • Canned "Cohort Analysis" Report?

    Reading Eric Ries article on "Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics" got me inspired to create a "Cohort Analysis" report for our installation of Jive.   The idea is to group your users according to when they jo...
    Neil Mussett
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  • Jive Databases in pgAdmin

    A few tips to get things out of the core application system database and the ActivityEngine database. Things that are not available in the Analytics database   For pgAdmin installation guide, follow pages 2-8 her...
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  • Database vs CMR Activity Count

    I am trying to get a report of all the top viewed content in our community. Unfortunately, I can not go through CMR, because the Top Content does not include System Blogs, and one of our most widely read blogs is a Sy...
    Erin Clements
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  • Is an activity record created when a question is marked as Assumed Answered?

    I'm trying to identify unanswered questions created in the last week. I'm using Data Export v2 and specify certain fields to be returned but with only a date filter (after) to get the last 7 days.   I have a que...
    Tim Reid
    created by Tim Reid
  • Finding the list of group created, date created, and creator

    I think I'm in need of being pointed in the right direction.  I started with the activity_fact table figuring I could query  for create events where the direct object type was a social group and then go find...
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  • Identifying Hot Topics

    I'd like to identify the "hottest topics" among recent activity across all the places in our community using data from Data Export. It is possible to retrieve a list of unanswered questions in the last week, for examp...
    Tim Reid
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  • "Response" type activity

    Does anyone know what the data representation of a "Response" looks like from the csv data returned from the Data Export Service?  Thanks!
    James Bennett
    created by James Bennett
  • JiveActivityfirehosetable

    Has anyone had any experience with this? Apparently the activity type in this particular field does not match up with the same definition of activities that exist in the other databases. Here's the same question that ...
    alice yang
    created by alice yang
  • Understanding what is meant in Jive by "login"

    I say this previous discussion here, Login Records, but it doesn't really address what I'm interested in. At least I don't think so.   Sangee Parsan is helping me put together some reports, using data pulled fro...
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  • Data pull with date filter issue?

    When I pull data using the 'after' filter as in the following example: https://api.jivesoftware.com/analytics/v1/export/activity/csv/content?count=1000000&after=2015-03-31T23:59:48.823 the data being returned in...
    James Bennett
    created by James Bennett
  • What's the latest with Analytics?

    Wondering what the 'SP' is with analytics nowadays...   Is it all self run now, are there plans for a revamped Community Manager Reports, is anyone still running the SAP Business Objects offering or has that bee...
  • Does anybody know how to get analytics for the Skills and Expertise field?

    I haven't been able to find a way to get any data around usage of the Skills & Expertise field in the profiles (where users can tag themselves and others with skills, and create endorsements for others like in Lin...
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  • Tealium in JiveX

    Hello Corey Mathews   I have a question similar to Reference external javaScript in the Third-party analytics console   That question does not mention Tealium by name. Can you confirm, specifically through...
    Ryan Johnston
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  • Is there any way to run a report of all content in a site?

    I want to be able to run a report of all content in our sites with author, created date, last modified date, last modified by, title, number of views, number of likes, number of bookmarks, and link. Is this possible?
    Kymberlee Taylor
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