• Do you find the Consumption Report and/or the Expert/Asset Location report useful?

    Newbie here.  Trying to developing an instance evaluation plan and I need to understand these standard reports.   1. Do you find the Consumption Report useful?  When following the deployment of a new s...
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    Does anyone know what the ACTIVITY_DISSOCIATE_DOCUMENT action indicates in Jive Analytics? It doesn't seem to be mentioned here:  Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)   For example:
    Jeff Shurtliff
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  • Benchmarks for Learning Community - % expected as Active, Participating, Contributing?

    Hi again.   Another newbie question. Anyone have references for benchmarks for Learning Communities for % Active Users, % Participating Users, and % Contributing Users?   I was told 25% for Active,...
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  • Export content from DES

    Hi,   I would like to extract all content information to better analyze what is working and what is not. I am a bit confused between DES Jive Analytics v2 and v3 API provide, so forgive me if I am comparing app...
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  • Know if/how content shared to a place affect the place's CMR reports?

    If I have a document posted in a Group A, each view of the document contributes to metrics being counted in the CMR reports for Group A. But, if I share that same document with Group B (and it's now listed as a share ...
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  • Is there a way to pull group membership history in DES?

    I am trying to find a way to pull group membership history in DES. After looking at Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics) (specifically the list of Data Export Events), I have not been able to find a way. ...
  • Space visit not being recorded

    Hi,   I am noticing that when I visit a space and don't do anything in that space its not being recorded in "jivedw_activity_fact" table. If I read a blog or discussion within a space then that particular action...
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  • How do I see a Translation request in DES?

    Hey - is translation captured as an event in DES?  Claire Flanagan
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  • Count of particular Widget used in the places.

    Hi everyone,   We where planning to de-commision one of the cusotmized widget and I wanted to know how many spaces are using this widget before decommisioning is there any way to get the details via Query or Res...
    created by shobha
  • getting jive system error on rest call for api/core/v3/people/@all

    Hello everyone,     I am getting system admin error when  I do rest call for api/core/v3/people/@all . This was working fine all these days getting this error few days back.   I am using onpremi...
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  • Understanding what is meant in Jive by "login"

    I say this previous discussion here, Login Records, but it doesn't really address what I'm interested in. At least I don't think so.   sparsan is helping me put together some reports, using data pulled from both...
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  • How to remove old reports data in Ccommunity manager reports

    Hello everyone ,   Is there anyway where we can remove old reports from the CMR. Like I would like to delete the old data under "daily activity chart" for certain groups . Can anyone please let me know if its po...
    created by shobha
  • How to remove/disable the user showing up un the community reports

    Hello everyone,   There is a global user used for testing purpose in our application , but this user shouldnt be counted in any of the community reports. How do I achieve this. Any suggestions on this is well a...
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  • Mobile Analytics

    Looking for some guidance on how Jive (or others) recommend thinking about analytics for people who access community from a mobile device. What's available?
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  • What's included in "Number of Revisions" in the Places Activity report CSV file?

    I've downloaded the Places Activity report and I'm trying to figure out what kind of activity gets included in the "Number of Revisions" column. I can't find this info in the help/Jive documentation. Are these fields ...
    created by tanafranko
  • How can I find what space\group a user is following,member of or own

    Hi , I am trying to  find out which space or group a particular user is either     Following member of Own
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  • Community Manager Reports versus DES Data

    Hi - I have an administrator who has 40 groups in Jive, and has to consolidate CMRs every month (I know others know that pain).  So he asked if we could do something for him.  So, I looked at one of his grou...
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  • Tracking content reports

    Hi there,   Curious is any other Community Managers have looked into this type of report: I would like to see all content created within a community for a specific month. I would like to see a report of all c...
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  • Moderated Message Rejected

    Has anyone modified the email template that is used for when content is rejected? I'd like to include the Notes related to the rejection and possibly the moderator that rejected it. Thanks!
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  • How can I get user details for specific pieces of content accessed?

    Hello community. I would like to be able to have a report that contains the specific user id's of the individuals who have accessed specific pieces of content (mainly documents) in Jive. Ideally, I would like to see t...
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