• What's included in "Number of Revisions" in the Places Activity report CSV file?

    I've downloaded the Places Activity report and I'm trying to figure out what kind of activity gets included in the "Number of Revisions" column. I can't find this info in the help/Jive documentation. Are these fields ...
    created by tanafranko
  • How can I find what space\group a user is following,member of or own

    Hi , I am trying to  find out which space or group a particular user is either     Following member of Own
    created by sandeepkumar
  • Add events, video and images to CMR Content reports - repost

    You do not have access to this content's place
    created by tmaurer
  • Community Manager Reports versus DES Data

    Hi - I have an administrator who has 40 groups in Jive, and has to consolidate CMRs every month (I know others know that pain).  So he asked if we could do something for him.  So, I looked at one of his grou...
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  • Tracking content reports

    Hi there,   Curious is any other Community Managers have looked into this type of report: I would like to see all content created within a community for a specific month. I would like to see a report of all c...
    created by akoplen
  • Moderated Message Rejected

    Has anyone modified the email template that is used for when content is rejected? I'd like to include the Notes related to the rejection and possibly the moderator that rejected it. Thanks!
    created by gbeadel
  • How can I get user details for specific pieces of content accessed?

    Hello community. I would like to be able to have a report that contains the specific user id's of the individuals who have accessed specific pieces of content (mainly documents) in Jive. Ideally, I would like to see t...
    last modified by storilynn
  • Is an activity record created when a question is marked as Assumed Answered?

    I'm trying to identify unanswered questions created in the last week. I'm using Data Export v2 and specify certain fields to be returned but with only a date filter (after) to get the last 7 days.   I have a que...
    last modified by timlri
  • How do I make Impact Metrics visible to all users?

    I was reading Why can't I view Impact Metrics or Make Impact Metrics Public?  and see a reference to being able to make Impact Metrics visible to all users. I am not seeing the "pencil" referenced in the document...
    Donna Skoog
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  • Reporting and Analytics

    I was asked today for reporting on items that have been tagged with a certain tag: "compliance" and any related activity to these documents and groups.  Example:  They want to know how many likes and unlik...
    last modified by mrobinson
  • Jive Databases in pgAdmin

    A few tips to get things out of the core application system database and the ActivityEngine database. Things that are not available in the Analytics database   For pgAdmin installation guide, follow pages 2-8 her...
    last modified by ReeceO
  • Number of Content Follows, Content Shares, Friend requests

    Can someone guide me on how to get the following metrics from jive databases- 1. Number of Followers for Content (threads, questions, blogs etc.) 2. Number of Shares for Content It would be good to have the numbers...
    last modified by don840
  • Can someone point me to an explanation of the Community Health reports?

    I've searched for "community health" in the relevant places, and only found two discussions - one of which has no answers, and the other only limited information (because it was a very specific question). I'm looking ...
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  • Can someone help me with a query to identify all spaces a given user group has access to?

    I need to be able to pull information on all the spaces to which a given user group has access.  Suggestions on how to accomplish that?
    created by Diana_Ingraham
  • How to identify who has updated their profile picture / avatar when?

    I'm starting to use the Data Export Service and I'd like to pull a report to see when people have updated their profile picture and / or avatar and when they've updated it. How can I do this with the DES? I've read th...
    created by heatherausmus
  • How to add tag manager to registration page

    Hi, All,   My webmasters want to add a tag manager to the registration page.  I don't see a way to edit this page, and can't even navigate to it unless I'm logged out. I see registration settings, but this ...
    last modified by frankfield
  • Measuring customers helping other customers

    Hi-   We have a support community on SBS and one of the things we are really interesting in measuring is the percentage of customer questions that get answered by other customers rather than by our own employees...
    last modified by arose
  • Does clicking "mark all read" in the Inbox on 20 objects actually credit each with being read?

    Does clicking "mark all read" in the Inbox on 20 objects actually credit each with being read, on their impact reports or in Jive Analytics?
    last modified by edmiidz
  • Get the read status of a private message

    Hi all,   Is there a way to track if private message to a user has been clicked on/read?   In the analytics schema, I run the following query for activity type of 10 (read) and 20 (create). The object type...
    created by vanontherun
  • Do you share your metrics with your community members?

    I currently compile a monthly dashboard of reports taken from the CMR for my community stakeholders and advocates, but I don't share this information with my members. For my members I only compile community success st...
    last modified by kat_carter