• Measuring customers helping other customers

    Hi-   We have a support community on SBS and one of the things we are really interesting in measuring is the percentage of customer questions that get answered by other customers rather than by our own employees...
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  • Does clicking "mark all read" in the Inbox on 20 objects actually credit each with being read?

    Does clicking "mark all read" in the Inbox on 20 objects actually credit each with being read, on their impact reports or in Jive Analytics?
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • Get the read status of a private message

    Hi all,   Is there a way to track if private message to a user has been clicked on/read?   In the analytics schema, I run the following query for activity type of 10 (read) and 20 (create). The object type...
    Van R-H
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  • Do you share your metrics with your community members?

    I currently compile a monthly dashboard of reports taken from the CMR for my community stakeholders and advocates, but I don't share this information with my members. For my members I only compile community success st...
    Katherine Carter
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  • Author Location

      Running the query below I was expecting the json response to include the author's location. It returns locale and timezone, but not location. Is this version dependent?   https://<communityURL>/api...
    Tim Reid
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  • Can anyone explain how the Top Departments filter in Impact Metrics works?

    Can anyone explain where the Top Department filter gets its information from and whether there's any kind of algorithm working in it? I'm guessing that it's pulling data from users profiles but it doesn't seem consist...
    Katherine Carter
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  • Query to calculate Engagement Index?

    Hello Analytics Community!   I recently attended JiveWorld (which was amazing, btw!), and in the session on benchmarking your community Claire Flanagan discussed the Engagement Index, and alluded to a query foun...
    Haylle Reidy
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  • Mobile Analytics

    Looking for some guidance on how Jive (or others) recommend thinking about analytics for people who access community from a mobile device. What's available?
    Scott K Wilder
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  • What is the Event code and Object ID for "I have the same question?"

    Hello Analytic Friends,   Do you know what the Event code and Object ID is for the "I have the same question?" event?   Many thanks in advance!   -Dan
    created by daniel.marotta
  • How to get a list of user_id's followed by each user_id in either the Analytics or Application database?

    What's the best way to get a list of user_id's followed by each user_id in either the Analytics or Application database?   I know that a follow is activity_type 270 and based on that I can pull fields like  ...
    Jason Miller
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  • Number of Content Follows, Content Shares, Friend requests

    Can someone guide me on how to get the following metrics from jive databases- 1. Number of Followers for Content (threads, questions, blogs etc.) 2. Number of Shares for Content It would be good to have the numbers...
    Donna 840
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  • Cross-Post: Is anyone using Omniture for DES Analytics (jive-n)?

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    Tim Sphar
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  • How do I disable the viewers panel for Impact Metrics?

    If you want to see the total unique viewers but not the names of viewers...
    Josh Richau
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  • CMR - doesn't include Project counts?

    We've been doing a lot of clean-up of "dead" spaces and groups, and were using content pages and CMRs to get a handle on what was unused in our community. I've just realized that although there is a checkbox to includ...
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  • Canned "Cohort Analysis" Report?

    Reading Eric Ries article on "Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics" got me inspired to create a "Cohort Analysis" report for our installation of Jive.   The idea is to group your users according to when they jo...
    Neil Mussett
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  • Jive Databases in pgAdmin

    A few tips to get things out of the core application system database and the ActivityEngine database. Things that are not available in the Analytics database   For pgAdmin installation guide, follow pages 2-8 her...
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  • Database vs CMR Activity Count

    I am trying to get a report of all the top viewed content in our community. Unfortunately, I can not go through CMR, because the Top Content does not include System Blogs, and one of our most widely read blogs is a Sy...
    Erin Clements
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  • Is an activity record created when a question is marked as Assumed Answered?

    I'm trying to identify unanswered questions created in the last week. I'm using Data Export v2 and specify certain fields to be returned but with only a date filter (after) to get the last 7 days.   I have a que...
    Tim Reid
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  • Finding the list of group created, date created, and creator

    I think I'm in need of being pointed in the right direction.  I started with the activity_fact table figuring I could query  for create events where the direct object type was a social group and then go find...
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  • Identifying Hot Topics

    I'd like to identify the "hottest topics" among recent activity across all the places in our community using data from Data Export. It is possible to retrieve a list of unanswered questions in the last week, for examp...
    Tim Reid
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