• I'm working on the secret decoder ring for trying to distinguish mobile users

    Has anyone else done this already?  I'm just thinking of scanning for keys like "ipad" "iphone" "android" etc. in the web.UserAgent field.  There are over 750 different web.useragents in just two weeks of da...
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  • Does CMR track the views from outlook interaction?

    Hi All,   Can somebody confirm me following?   Does CMR track views of people who are viewing the content via: Jive for outlook Normal email notification people who dont have Jive for outlook   Tha...
  • Video download metrics in Jive

    Hi - Could you please advice if we can get the information on who has downloaded videos from Jive within a specific community? I tried pulling that information from DES but it does not seem to have the event Activity_...
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    created by ripunjoy
  • Export group members along with their joining date?

    Hi - I am trying to export the members of a Group along with their joining dates. While the data exists (Manage->Members each member's join date appears) there is no way to export that data along with the joining d...
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  • CMR Definitions/Calculations

    In the CMR what is the column "Number of Responses" in the Places Activity CSV download calculated from?  Is it a calculated value or simply the total number of responses to anything marked as a question?  ...
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    created by Stacy Plante
  • Report on answers

    I am a self admitted newb with the analytics module.  Can someone help me out with the Objects/filters I would need in a query to see how many of the following we had over a given date range?   Questions ma...
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  • can anyone help me with example-analytics?

    .I am getting ETIMEDOUT error while trying to getToken.Is the error caused due to corporate proxy?How can I get this to work behind corporate proxy?
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  • Who Actually Visits a Space/Group?

    Hi All:   Activity reports on spaces and groups show total activity levels, but no names for Top Users.  Is there any way to see a list of the users actually visiting a space/group in a time period and thei...
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  • Time to first response by someone other than original author

    Has anyone put together a report that highlights the average response time in hours or minutes after a blog, discussion,question, document, video, status update gets its first comment?   I Would also like to see...
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  • Benchmarks for Learning Community - % expected as Active, Participating, Contributing?

    Hi again.   Another newbie question. Anyone have references for benchmarks for Learning Communities for % Active Users, % Participating Users, and % Contributing Users?   I was told 25% for Active,...
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  • Jive cloud Admin - Password Reset is not working - Please Help!

    Hi Team,   I have forgot the password for the cloud admin website - https://cloud.jivesoftware.com/admin/ , i have clicked on forgot password link , received a mail with the reset password link but it is not wor...
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    created by Mari_SGS
  • Tealium in JiveX

    Hello Corey Mathews   I have a question similar to Reference external javaScript in the Third-party analytics console   That question does not mention Tealium by name. Can you confirm, specifically through...
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  • Data Export Service (DES) field for Report Abuse - JiveAbuse table

    I recall someone from Jive mentioning that we should be able to pull the latest submissions of 'Reported Abuse' via the DES, is this true?   Can someone please confirm? If this is possible, would you also pleas...
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    created by ecruz@nyl
  • Do you find the Consumption Report and/or the Expert/Asset Location report useful?

    Newbie here.  Trying to developing an instance evaluation plan and I need to understand these standard reports.   1. Do you find the Consumption Report useful?  When following the deployment of a new s...
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    Does anyone know what the ACTIVITY_DISSOCIATE_DOCUMENT action indicates in Jive Analytics? It doesn't seem to be mentioned here:  Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)   For example:
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  • Export content from DES

    Hi,   I would like to extract all content information to better analyze what is working and what is not. I am a bit confused between DES Jive Analytics v2 and v3 API provide, so forgive me if I am comparing app...
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    last modified by aalvarez@maprtech.com
  • Know if/how content shared to a place affect the place's CMR reports?

    If I have a document posted in a Group A, each view of the document contributes to metrics being counted in the CMR reports for Group A. But, if I share that same document with Group B (and it's now listed as a share ...
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    created by lauren.hogue
  • Is there a way to pull group membership history in DES?

    I am trying to find a way to pull group membership history in DES. After looking at Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics) (specifically the list of Data Export Events), I have not been able to find a way. ...
  • Space visit not being recorded

    Hi,   I am noticing that when I visit a space and don't do anything in that space its not being recorded in "jivedw_activity_fact" table. If I read a blog or discussion within a space then that particular action...
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    created by sagarp
  • How do I see a Translation request in DES?

    Hey - is translation captured as an event in DES?  Claire Flanagan
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