• CMR - doesn't include Project counts?

    We've been doing a lot of clean-up of "dead" spaces and groups, and were using content pages and CMRs to get a handle on what was unused in our community. I've just realized that although there is a checkbox to includ...
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    created by tmaurer
  • Can someone point me to an explanation of the Community Health reports?

    I've searched for "community health" in the relevant places, and only found two discussions - one of which has no answers, and the other only limited information (because it was a very specific question). I'm looking ...
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  • Mobile Analytics

    Looking for some guidance on how Jive (or others) recommend thinking about analytics for people who access community from a mobile device. What's available?
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    last modified by skwildermarketo
  • What's included in "Number of Revisions" in the Places Activity report CSV file?

    I've downloaded the Places Activity report and I'm trying to figure out what kind of activity gets included in the "Number of Revisions" column. I can't find this info in the help/Jive documentation. Are these fields ...
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    created by tanafranko
  • How can I find what space\group a user is following,member of or own

    Hi , I am trying to  find out which space or group a particular user is either     Following member of Own
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    created by sandeepkumar
  • Is an activity record created when a question is marked as Assumed Answered?

    I'm trying to identify unanswered questions created in the last week. I'm using Data Export v2 and specify certain fields to be returned but with only a date filter (after) to get the last 7 days.   I have a que...
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    last modified by timlri
  • DES 500 Errors

    Is anyone else having trouble with the DES today? We are getting 500 Errors for any direct calls but the API Explorer site seems to be working...
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    last modified by Caton Guilbault
  • Benchmarks for Learning Community - % expected as Active, Participating, Contributing?

    Hi again.   Another newbie question. Anyone have references for benchmarks for Learning Communities for % Active Users, % Participating Users, and % Contributing Users?   I was told 25% for Active,...
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    last modified by eprovost
  • Know if/how content shared to a place affect the place's CMR reports?

    If I have a document posted in a Group A, each view of the document contributes to metrics being counted in the CMR reports for Group A. But, if I share that same document with Group B (and it's now listed as a share ...
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    created by lauren.hogue
  • Mobile user flag?

    Hi,   I heard there's a flag for mobile users somewhere in Jive(?). I don't see it offhand though and when I search the information schema on column names like '%mobile%' nothing comes up.   Thanks!
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  • Is the DES (North America) down again?

    Anyone able to access the NA DES?
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    last modified by Kathryn
  • Views on blog post not consistent with the number of views shown on the content page

    Has anyone noticed that the number of views on a blog post is not consistent with the number of views shown on the content page? Could the views update as a part of a nightly batch?
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    created by euva
  • CMR Places Activity CSV download doesn't include all places

    In the CMR, the largest window of data is one year.  When I download the places activity CSV for the past year, the number of places is much smaller than our total number of groups and communities.  If a pla...
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    last modified by ckerr
  • Activity reports are are delayed by 2 days

    I would like to see yesterday's (4/16) activity in the community, but the date only allows me to select until 4/15.  I used to be able to see yesterday's data, is this a new bug?     Jive Interactive I...
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    created by lauramac
  • Jive cloud Admin - Password Reset is not working - Please Help!

    Hi Team,   I have forgot the password for the cloud admin website - https://cloud.jivesoftware.com/admin/ , i have clicked on forgot password link , received a mail with the reset password link but it is not wor...
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    created by Mari_SGS
  • Is there a way to pull group membership history in DES?

    I am trying to find a way to pull group membership history in DES. After looking at Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics) (specifically the list of Data Export Events), I have not been able to find a way. ...
  • How do I make Impact Metrics visible to all users?

    I was reading Why can't I view Impact Metrics or Make Impact Metrics Public?  and see a reference to being able to make Impact Metrics visible to all users. I am not seeing the "pencil" referenced in the document...
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    last modified by Donna Skoog
  • Reporting and Analytics

    I was asked today for reporting on items that have been tagged with a certain tag: "compliance" and any related activity to these documents and groups.  Example:  They want to know how many likes and unlik...
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    last modified by mrobinson
  • Number of Content Follows, Content Shares, Friend requests

    Can someone guide me on how to get the following metrics from jive databases- 1. Number of Followers for Content (threads, questions, blogs etc.) 2. Number of Shares for Content It would be good to have the numbers...
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    last modified by don840
  • Can someone help me with a query to identify all spaces a given user group has access to?

    I need to be able to pull information on all the spaces to which a given user group has access.  Suggestions on how to accomplish that?
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    created by Diana_Ingraham