• Is the DES (North America) down again?

    Anyone able to access the NA DES?
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    last modified by Kathryn
  • Definition of Activity Types

    I found all the activity types listed in a spreadsheet in this group, and I found the list of which ones are counted in reports that tally Activity (in the The specified item was not found.). So, I combined the two se...
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    last modified by Ted Hopton
  • ETL Job Failed, Can I recover previous days?

    Hi,   I just noticed that the ETL job that creates the sbsanalytics database failed for a couple of days.   Does anyone know of a way to recover certain days?    When I run the etl jobs from th...
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    last modified by mark.cablayan
  • Jive DES Explorer Date is Off

    I'm sure everyone wishes today was Friday September 5th, but from my seat it still appears to be Thursday September 5th, 2019.  
  • Query to find number of restricted spaces?

    My management has asked if there is a way to find out how many of our spaces are restricted vs. open to everyone.  Is there a way to query this?  I know the total number of spaces, so if I could find out the...
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    last modified by Dennis Pearce
  • Delays with Data Availability on DES / Analytics API

    Does anyone else frequently experience issues with the Jive DES / Analytics API?   We have a process to download information via the API and we regularly have issues where the API is not returning all of the re...
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    last modified by chipsevern
  • Get a list of all places and there activity

    Hi All, i am trying to get a list of places and there activity. Using the export of the Places on he Community Usage Dashboard, i can get all information (views/creates,etc) but only on the top 200. This seems to b...
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    last modified by hamerlis
  • Text Analytics on Jive content

    Hello everyone,   Does anyone have done/tried doing any sort of text analytics on Jive or have any idea about some tool/vendor who can help in that? We are trying to analyze our Jive content from following persp...
  • Has anyone successfully implemented Google Analytics to capture Search data?

    I have had Google Analytics implemented for some time but have not been able to capture any Search data. Has anyone been successful getting results?
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    last modified by Donna Skoog
  • Views on blog post not consistent with the number of views shown on the content page

    Has anyone noticed that the number of views on a blog post is not consistent with the number of views shown on the content page? Could the views update as a part of a nightly batch?
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    created by euva
  • Can place owners export daily analytics data to csv for multiple months? years?

    Previously using the CMR our place owners were able to export daily data to csv files. With Analytics it appears that they are only able to view and export daily data for a specific month by clicking on that month in ...
  • Social Network Analysis of the Salem Witch Trials

    Interesting use of modern analytic tools to historical events: About Social Network Analysis | Salem 1692  
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    created by b.taub
  • CMR Places Activity CSV download doesn't include all places

    In the CMR, the largest window of data is one year.  When I download the places activity CSV for the past year, the number of places is much smaller than our total number of groups and communities.  If a pla...
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  • Report on content that has received the most "likes"

    I am trying to report on top content (discussions, blog posts, questions & documents) that have received the most 'likes' over time. Initially I thought I could just run the query against an aggregate fact table a...
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    last modified by roginsb
  • Anyone having DES download problems?

    Does anyone here use the download to get DES data?  I can't download anything - I get network errors and even though I've tried using different networks.  I put in a case two days ago but haven't heard anyth...
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    last modified by Kathryn
  • CMR User Leaderboard - How are points calculated?

    On the CMR, under User Adoption > User Leaderboard, where are the "status points" coming from? We have Bunchball enabled, and the points don't seem to match what is on an employee's profile.   Any insights y...
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    created by lauren.hogue
  • Installing Postgres for Jive DWH Implementation

    i put together this document which describes how a user can download the PostgreSQL database and ODBC driver, import the analytics file (*.dmp) from the Jive Cloud, and connect an ODBC driver to it. From here, a user ...
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  • DES 500 Errors

    Is anyone else having trouble with the DES today? We are getting 500 Errors for any direct calls but the API Explorer site seems to be working...
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    last modified by Caton Guilbault
  • Activity reports are are delayed by 2 days

    I would like to see yesterday's (4/16) activity in the community, but the date only allows me to select until 4/15.  I used to be able to see yesterday's data, is this a new bug?     Jive Interactive I...
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    created by lauramac
  • Is it possible to track sessions of anonymous users?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to track analytics via the Jive Cloud Analytics API / DES around the activities of an anonymous user?  (i.e. a user that hasn't logged in)   Obviously if a user accesses s...
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    created by Jeff Shurtliff