I’m the SEO specialist for an external facing community that’s about to migrate to Jive 5.0.  External search engines are a huge source of incoming traffic and the primary way that our users discover our content.  While Jive offers a clean architecture than isn't too prone to duplication, there are several deficiencies that really need to be addressed in future releases.


Search engines are evolving at an incredible pace and, in the case of Google thru its Panda update, incorporating artificial intelligence that mimics human behavior to generate search results. As such, in addition to some basic tools to help direct search bots crawl your sites, social signals are increasingly important in determining PageRank and SERP ranks (search engine results page ranks).


With that in mind, here are some developments I’d like to see this year from Jive:

  • Make Reviews/Comments Visible to Search Engines for Indexing
    • Social signals are very important and the most common way these are gathered on Jive is in the feedback section of blogs, documents, ideas, videos and so on. The more comments a piece of content has, the more likely it will rank higher in SERPs: without these signals visible, search engines will have to really more on other factors such as incoming links, page date, keywords and so on. Anyhow, it’s just common sense that all on page content would be open to crawlers
    • One of the shortcoming of Google’s Panda release is that so called “evergreen content” (Content that might be old but still very relevant and helpful) risks being demoted in favor of fresher content, something that can be mitigated with positive and current feedback associated with it.
    • Vote for this Idea:
  • XML Sitemap Generator (Or tools to Help Create/Maintain One)
    • Especially for large sites with hundreds of spaces and groups, it’s paramount that webmasters provide a starting point for search engine crawlers: otherwise, just be hopeful that the crawlers linger around long enough to crawl all the important stuff as they randomly following links. Currently, I’m generating my XML sitemap manually via and offline Excel documents
    • Ditto for a video sitemap which has its own set of special requirements
  • Get rid of the prefix “Space:” and “Group:” in Page Titles
    • It’s repetitive, redundant and takes up space in search engine results
      jive space and group prefixes.jpg
    • Titles should also change when navigating the group or space’s tabs: when the content tab is selected, the title should be “Content in …”—ditto for people and subspaces.


There are a few more things I can add to this list but these are the most critical at the moment.