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What's a sitemap?

What's a sitemap? Simply put: A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website. To translate that through the Jive prism, it’s a list of all Jive-powered pages in your community. Natural search engine bots can use these lists to discover and index pages in your community. Setting up a sitemap is one of the easiest steps you can take to improve your community's web presence in organic search.


If you're powered by Jive 7 or higher, you're in a great place. Jive 7 features automated XML sitemaps, right out of the box. If you're on Jive 7 already, go to to find your sitemap. If you're not running Jive 7, but you still want to have a sitemap, there are many tools out there that’ll help you generate a sitemap file that can be uploaded and submitted to search engines. Do an online search and you'll find great resources at your disposal.



Why have an XML sitemap?

Think of an XML sitemap as one of many items in your SEO tool box. They can be especially helpful if your community is new, large, or has tons of activity. You can better your chances of increasing organic traffic to your site if the pages are crawled and indexed by search engines efficiently. Sitemaps help in this way by providing a specific list or lists of pages you want indexed to the search engines.



Submitting your XML sitemap to search engines

There are a couple of ways you can submit your community's XML sitemap to search engines: