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Optimizing titles with Jive

Title tags play an important role in optimizing your Jive community. Titles help users and search engines understand what your page is about.


Here are some title optimization tips:


  • Use unique titles. Each document, blog, videos, and polls on your community should be unique, so each title should be unique as well.
  • Remove the noise. All Jive groups and spaces titles start with, "Space:", or, "Group:", respectively. If you're using blogs, you'll also notice blog post titles will start with the space name or group name. Because titles tags help determine relevance to users and search engines, consider removing the noise by optimizing title formats within your community's theme. Within the theme, you can remove the space and group names from the beginning of title tags. Let's use the Billing page on T-Mobile Support as an example. This Jive space has the title, "Billing | T-Mobile Support", instead of, "Space: Billing | T-Mobile Support."
  • Check for length. Natural search engines will display the full title if the title is 70 characters or less—this includes spaces. If your title is too long, you'll see "..." at the end. Using the tip above, reducing noise will also help reduce the length of your page titles for spaces. If you include your band name (covered below), you'll also want to consider this when crafting titles for documents, blogs, videos, or polls.
  • Include targeted keywords. Always include one keyword in your title. Unique, targeted keywords should be placed towards the beginning of the title as much as possible.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. It's important to include keywords in your title, but not too many keywords. Good titles focus on quality keywords, not the quantity of keywords. If you're struggling with length, you may be trying to leverage too many keywords in your title.
  • Add your brand. Having your brand to the end of the title tag is a common practice for many company websites and communities. Let's use the SCN community as an example. On this community, page titles end with "| SCN". Including your brand in titles helps users know your content is authentic.
  • Leverage Webmaster Tools. Check your Webmaster Tools (WMT) frequently—at least once a week. These free tools can analyze and identify SEO opportunities for your community. WMT will let you know pages that have duplicate titles, titles that are too long, or titles that are too short.


Got a tip you'd like to share? Add a comment below!