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Thanks to all of you who attended the SoCal user group meetup last week at Mattel.Brad Fitzgerald, thanks again for hosting and coordinating the food--it was great! Next time I'm going to have to get there a bit earlier to check out the toy store


For those of you who missed it, the meetup started off with Brad talking about MIX, which is their internal Jive instance at Mattel. They are on Jive 5 and are on-prem. He explained how MIX has evolved since first launching their community on Jive 3, how they are using it now--mostly for ideation purposes. Brad also identified some key use cases and challenges within their company.  


Then Christy Schoon--who flew in all the way from Denver--presented What no one thought to tell you about your upgrade to Jive 7 or Cloud. This is very helpful information for anyone who is working on an upgrade to Jive 7 and I'd very much recommend that you take a few minutes and run through her presentation. We had a really good discussion following her presentation on the topic and those who had already upgraded to Jive 7/Cloud had useful information to share with those of us who were in the process or considering an upgrade in the future. Having completed our upgrade to Jive 7 last night, I can definitely say this conversation made me that much more prepared!


Lastly, Shirlin Hsu led a discussion on champion/advocate programs and shared what they are doing at First American. One tip I learned is to have your advocates comment on a help doc to share how they've used that feature and/or why that functionality is useful.


Again, thanks to everyone who attended and for all that you brought to the conversation! If you have anything else to add, tips/tricks, best practices etc that you picked up from the conversation, please share them in a comment below. I look forward to continuing our conversations here in the SoCal User Group in between now and our next meetup.


See you all in the fall for our Q3 meetup and at Jive World in October!


cc: Tara Panu, Thyda Nhek, Michael Ambrozewicz Leigh Gordon, Janice Mak, Brian Blasjo, Scott Crum