This spring, EMC reached a fantastic milestone; we now have over 100,000 members in our internal and external Jive communities.


A time to celebrate?  Yes, for a few minutes.  In truth, our potential membership is so large; this is just the tip of the iceberg. This doesn’t mean we haven’t worked hard or learned some best practices, but we certainly feel that others must have tried approaches we haven’t considered, and that’s why we started this group.


We’d like to learn from others, organizational size doesn’t matter to us. We want to leverage your great ideas, and also learn from some of your less-than-successful community marketing efforts. We have some we'd be pleased to share with you, too. And then there are the hundreds of organizations, groups, and blogs on the subject of social media marketing. So many, that my eyes glaze over!


We’re hoping that you’ll actively participate in this group and share not only your best practices, but also reveal your community marketing challenges and ask others what they’ve done in similar situations. We’re interested in hearing about who you follow? Who you believe provides consistent community marketing insights that resonate? What social marketing resources do you find most effective? How do you use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn groups, and others to most effectively drive traffic to your communities? Want to join us on this treasure hunt?


In other words, we’re searching for the golden nuggets you've found and other jewels you've discovered hidden in the chatter and clutter of the web