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Social networking success and successful content are one and the same.

     We all want out social networking efforts to bear fruit. Preferably green fruit with portraits of Ben Franklin on them. To arrive at that happy state of affairs we will use:

  • the Web
  • social networking
  • content.

     Here's the rub. Being successful online, and offline as the offline world will contribute as well, depends on the quality, the success really, of your content. A successful social networking campaign delivers valuable content. What's valuable content? Content that saves time, money, effort, or just makes things easier which saves all of those things.

     There is just no getting around that. This is so true, and so necessary, that content curation has arrived. What's that? It's using other peoples content for your own ends. Think of a curator in a museum. The curator does not create the works on display, but does decide what to display.

     It works the same way with content. This is popular because it saves you from the expense of creating content. So far so good, no? Sounding better and better. Yes it is. Until you realize that your expertise, wisdom, experience and expertise will never see the light of day. That  you will be relying on other people for your success - or failure.

     But, hey!, if content curation works for you, use it. Keep in mind that the success of your social networking campaiagn and content are one and the same. Yes, they are.

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What makes content good? Time

does, or rather the lack of it.

    When you ask yourself what makes good content. What separates the good stuff from the rest consider time. That's right, time. When your content saves your reader's time, they like it. And why not? Who wouldn't?


    When your content becomes a tool for your readers. Your readers will stay with you for ever because your content saves more time than it takes to consume it.


    Believe me, when your content does that you've hit the jack pot, found the holy grail, you have arrived and your readers know it. Your expertise is acknowledged. So, when you make your content, all you need do is ask yourself, "How much time does this save my readers?"


Content Creation and Content Curation


    This applies to you folks who curate and create content as well. It's necessary that you know your readers. You get to know them by interacting with them. Talk to them at networking events, attend conferences, follow them online. Do what ever it takes to understand their needs.


    Do that and your content will succeed. Don't and it won't. Like we've said here before, your content will either get read or get lost. See that it's read.


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I found this post about how introverts can get better results with social media...

Social Media: An Introvert's Guide

And I thought that it would be a nice experiment to try it as a step-by-step guide (it's a guide isn't it).

So I will be posting here about this experiment, and let's see what we can get.

Companies keep going public in the world of Social Media and they don't seem to be paying out as much as they planned. But, with all that said, Kayak is prepping for the next 'large'  public offering. "Though a date hasn’t been set for Kayak’s IPO, the company has disclosed that it will trade on Nasdaq under the symbol “KYAK.” Meanwhile, the $87.5 million figure is below earlier reports that had pegged it at $150 million... Kayak’s IPO will likely be the largest in the tech/social media sector since Facebook’s in May. That company’s highly anticipated offering has been viewed as a disappointment, opening at $38 and earning just 23 cents on its first day. The stock was trading at $31.73 Monday morning." says Mashable. But let's look at what IPO has done well, notice anything interesting?

This information is gathered from Kayak Prices IPO at $22 to $25 a Share from the initial offering.

  1. Yandex (YNDX): -20.8%
  2. Zynga (ZNGA): -5.0%
  3. Renren (RENN): -76.4%
  4. Groupon (GRPN): +13.1%
  5. LinkedIn (LNKD): +37.2%
  6. Bankrate (RATE): +36.5%
  7. Pandora Media (P): -37.4%
  8. HomeAway (AWAY): -14.8%
  9. 21Vianet Group (VNET): -39.7%
  10. Qihoo 360 Tech (QIHU): -17.9%
  11. Tudou Holdings (TUDO): -63.6%
  12. Jive Software (JIVE): +27.9%
  13. Demand Media (DMD): -59.8%
  14. Phoenix New Media (FENG): -51.9%
  15. Angie's List (ANGI): +26.0%
  16. Jiayuan International (DATE): -45.6%
  17. Zillow (Z): +15.2%
  18. Carbonite (CARB): +11.2%
  19. FriendFinder (FFN): +0.7%


This is an average of -13.9526. Do you think we are getting close to the bubble bursting? Do you think the that Jive is a good bet now?

I know that Nike's working on a social media strategy.

Without knowing what that entire picture is, I went ahead and presented what we know today

with Jive and Filtrbox and the possibilities.












iStock_000000899017XSmall.jpgOK, we need to pick a good spot (community, blog, website, etc.) and let's build this fire (social media presence).  We're going to need wood (content),  tools like matches, lighter, poker and whatever cool new tool REI just came out with (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Filtrbox etc.).   OK, let's get the fire going and make it blaze.  Will it continue to go on itself? No.  We need to nurture it, move some wood around and be ready to adjust to the variables to get the smoke out of some person's (or department's) face.  Everyone is pitching in, adjusting things and bringing more wood to our fire. Now outsiders are getting warm, appreciate our fire and adding wood to it themselves and telling all their friends and followers about it.  Suddenly our fire is now Burning Man-esque and Smokey the Bear is taking notice.


The main points that I'm making are:


1. Content is king and it must be continuous, consistent and relevant.

2. That companies can not just setup a Facebook Twitter and Filtrbox-like accounts and expect things to happen.  The two-way conversation and manpower is necessary to thrive.

It's not really related, but I have a man-crush on @garyvee and I thought his presentation was tops at sxswi. Peter Shankman a close second, IMO.






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