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I know that Nike's working on a social media strategy.

Without knowing what that entire picture is, I went ahead and presented what we know today

with Jive and Filtrbox and the possibilities.












iStock_000000899017XSmall.jpgOK, we need to pick a good spot (community, blog, website, etc.) and let's build this fire (social media presence).  We're going to need wood (content),  tools like matches, lighter, poker and whatever cool new tool REI just came out with (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Filtrbox etc.).   OK, let's get the fire going and make it blaze.  Will it continue to go on itself? No.  We need to nurture it, move some wood around and be ready to adjust to the variables to get the smoke out of some person's (or department's) face.  Everyone is pitching in, adjusting things and bringing more wood to our fire. Now outsiders are getting warm, appreciate our fire and adding wood to it themselves and telling all their friends and followers about it.  Suddenly our fire is now Burning Man-esque and Smokey the Bear is taking notice.


The main points that I'm making are:


1. Content is king and it must be continuous, consistent and relevant.

2. That companies can not just setup a Facebook Twitter and Filtrbox-like accounts and expect things to happen.  The two-way conversation and manpower is necessary to thrive.

It's not really related, but I have a man-crush on @garyvee and I thought his presentation was tops at sxswi. Peter Shankman a close second, IMO.






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