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Update: Here's the official event. RSVP TODAY!!!

RSVP for the Meetup & "Un-Conference" in Raleigh, NC, April 24, 2013!


When I moved to Durham 13 years ago, I was told, "There are three seasons in North Carolina, Football, Basketball, and Gardening." I kinda laughed it off. Now, as I'm watching "the Civil War", a.k.a. Duke vs. UNC, I realize the truth in that statement. I mean, there are weeks in march where the entire Research Triangle Park shuts down. It's like Paris in August.

Now, some of you might remember that back in December, a few of us from deutsche_bank and fidelity got together for a "hack-a-thon" (What's better on a Friday afternoon than beer & apps?). One of the things that we wanted to do as a follow up is to get the larger Southeast Region User group together so we can share ideas, learn tips and tricks from each other, and maybe, have a bit of fun.

Kate Goodyear, Jad Talbert, and Marc Rudkoski and I started brainstorming some ideas that would make for some good discussion. But really, we'd like to make this a fun event that's driven by you, so jump in and suggest a topic. Here's some of what we've got so far.

  • Dealing with the 'ilities--scaleability, availability in an On-prem environment
    Jad Talbert from DB volunteered to talk about some of his experience managing and running Jive in their environment.
  • Customer Driven Roadmap
    OK. Kate Goodyear suggested this one, which will focus on ideas for new capabilities in the platform.
  • New Developments in Development
    We've got some killer stuff coming out, including a Jive Anywhere SDK, iOS SDK, and lots more. I wil give an overview of these topics and how you can start building on the platform.


Now for some logistics...


Since nothing happens in March... We're targeting the third week of April (22-26), depending availability of the location.



We need a volunteer! We'll bring in some food and beverages, but we need place where we can host our meetup.

If you're able to host the event, please send me a direct message.



Because we suspect people may need to drive or come in to the area, we are targeting an afternoon start, and will run the event from 4:00 - 8:00pm (or maybe later). Here's the rough breakdown of time.

:30     Welcome, Introductions & Networking

:60     "Show & Tell" Depending on the number of people, we'll start with each group having 10 minutes or so to talk about how they use Jive.

:120    "Unconference" discussions

:30     Wrap up & Next steps


Resources about "Unconferences"

While many of us have probably attended (and had fun at) an unconference, this will be our first endeavor hosting one. We'll take as many tips & tricks as we can get so please pile on here. Here are some good web sites I've found so far...

How to run a great unconference session

How to run an unconference | The Lanyrd Blog


I'd like to thank Ryan Rutan for all his help getting the user groups setup and helping me sort out all the odds and ends.


Oh, one last thing... What I'm looking forward to the most is that Kate Goodyear promised to bring Randall. (Go ahead. Ask her about him.)

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