• Column widths for Pages with Tiles

    Hi All,   Is it possible to change the width of the columns that hold the 'Narrow' tiles?  I'm fine with the 'Wide' tiles to auto-ajust thier width, but I need the narrow columns 100 pixels wider.   T...
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    last modified by stuartr
  • Can someone tell me how to update the moderator icon?

    We updated our theme and the moderator icon broke.  I don't see how to update this in the documentation.  Also the logo image is appearing smaller in Chrome than it does in IE or Safari.   Any idea...
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    created by luanndalton
  • Problem with Theme Mapping

    Hi,   I have a custom theme on our on-prem instance and I cannot seem to get the theme mapping to work, I only want the theme to apply when certain url pattern is met eg: .*/news.* for the news page or .*/group...
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    created by davidhickey13
  • Jive not recognizing HTML5? <a> tags wrapping <div> not working?

    Every single place I have tested this outside of our Jive Cloud widgets has worked.   Attempting to wrap a simple <div> block with an <a> tag gets reformatted for some reason.   Here is the sim...
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    last modified by james1.hicks
  • Applying Styles CSS to Documents

    When I try to add a styles/css to an individual document, Jive is stripping it out.   For example, on a community page, I am able to add custom CSS within an HTML widget that renders and impacts an entire page. ...
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    last modified by brittneywilson
  • Adding custom drop down menu in top nav

    Matt Collinge, Christina Zurkawicz   Can you point me in the right direction for adding a custom drop down to the top nav. I'll be using it to list a bunch of external applications and need to be able to add cus...
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    last modified by Larry Victorio
  • Has anyone disabled following people?

    For one reason or another, following people is something that our community would like to disable. Has anyone successfully disabled this feature? Can it be done in the theme? Which soy template(s) would I need to modi...
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    created by Larry Victorio
  • How do I add a font to a custom theme?

    I'm working on a theme for a site using Jive 9.0. We want to use a main font other than Helvetica Neue. It's no problem to add/modify the CSS, but where do I put the font files, and in which format should they be? ...
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    last modified by hen3ry
  • How to remove the "ask a question" button?

    Hello,   I have seen that you have a "ask a question" tile in the Overview, but without the button. How did you do for that?   Thank you for your help!
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    last modified by damaris
  • Theme colors- Issues changing alert badge (bell) background color, sidebar badge color and navigation link color isn't working

    I am working on a draft theme to replace our current theme, which is a clone of our current theme.  Simple stuff, updated to our new logo and colors, etc.  I went through and was able to change everything ex...
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    last modified by jgravholt
  • Add the ability to hide incorrect number of views on content page

    Hello, Jive offers us a variety of metrics to assess those communications that we perform.   One of them is Views. You can see this metric under every post that you make.   The problem that it is calculated ...
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    last modified by nataliashcherbyna
  • Recent Content Tile

    Hi,   Is it possible to use the OSAPI model to create a Recent content tile ? If yes, could you please provide the steps in achieving this?   Thanks
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    created by venkatzeus
  • Where in custom theme are Community Manager Reports updated?

    Something about our custom theme is a bit off and has caused all of our Community Manager Reports to have REALLY small, almost illegible font size.       I can change it inline here but can't figur...
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    created by ecruz@nyl
  • How do i change the font colour of a breadcrumb in a banner?

    I'm reposting here ( How do you change the colour of a breadcrumb in a banner ) to hopefully get some insight on this question. I can't seem to get Jive cloud to change the colour of my breadcrumb above the title of a...
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    last modified by lmariani
  • How to create a new tile layout in Jive 9?

    Hi,   I am looking at creating a new custom layout on activity or new page under a space in Jive 9 and when tried to select the page layout, i can see only 4 available layouts(screenshot attached below). I am ex...
  • Best way to change group/space navigation (Hosted 8)?

    We create communities for a variety of different groups (spaces/groups). Many of the groups are confused by the global nav (Overview, Content, People etc.) and would like it removed. We can easily remove it from an ov...
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    created by sharakarasic
  • HTML Tile iFrame Height Issue

    I'm using and HTML tile that has two rows each with two blocks for a total of four blocks. The HTML tile requires you to set a height for this content because JIVE brings it all in a an iFrame. The height of the iFram...
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    last modified by mrkustka
  • supporting the wildcard annotations?

    Hi All   We are in the process of upgrading our jive instance from version 6 to version 8.we are seeing the compilation errors related to @depends wildcard annotations.   Are we supporting the wildcard anno...
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    created by smetla
  • HTML Tile iFrame Width Issue

    Hi Jive Tile Creation experts, Really need your help!  I was updating my HTML tile with an external link and verbiage.  It had an external link within HTML previously.  I just copied and pasted the new...
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    last modified by cathyjliu
  • We have specific typeface and fonts we use for our Intranet, including Jive.

    We have specific typeface and fonts we use for our Intranet, including Jive. These are different than the standard typeface and fonts. If they are not on our computers the system will default to those hosted on the se...
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    last modified by tonywoodall