• How to create a new tile layout in Jive 9?

    Hi,   I am looking at creating a new custom layout on activity or new page under a space in Jive 9 and when tried to select the page layout, i can see only 4 available layouts(screenshot attached below). I am ex...
  • Custom Font

    Amber Orenstein, Emily Harsh   How do we install a custom font on our Hosted JIVE Community?   Thanks! Lea
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  • Any way to get a logo in the responsive header on Cloud

    To be more specific, I'm using the "Advanced" header configuration, using HTML and CSS to place a logo in the header above the navbar. This, of course, makes having another logo in the navbar (left of "Home") unnecess...
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  • Embed Real Time Chat (RTC) service via HTML Tile (iframe??)

    Hello!   We'd like to have a sub-space of our Jive-X cloud community where members can come and connect with others who happen to be online, and chat. We also want to have some specific times where we will be h...
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  • How do I add a font to a custom theme?

    I'm working on a theme for a site using Jive 9.0. We want to use a main font other than Helvetica Neue. It's no problem to add/modify the CSS, but where do I put the font files, and in which format should they be? ...
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  • Jive-x UI/UX - serious overhaul project needed?

    I sense that our community, which is quite loosely connected external business school alumni community, is quite a bit dissatisfied with Jive-x out-of-the-box UI/UX.   Our use of Jive is likely to be quite diss...
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  • Where can I change the verbiage within the Search bar?

    We would like to change the verbiage within the search bar and were just wondering if anyone could help point us in the direction of the right soy file to do this. (Jive 7 OnPrem)   Thanks,   Jive Develo...
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    created by ac255026
  • Is there a way to change tile styles in Jive 8

    Hi everyone!   Usually you would rather find me in the Jive Plugin Developer section of this community, but today my question is about an issue I have with theming for a Jive 8 instance. I just can't figure out ...
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    created by bergerle
  • How do i change the font colour of a breadcrumb in a banner?

    I'm reposting here ( How do you change the colour of a breadcrumb in a banner ) to hopefully get some insight on this question. I can't seem to get Jive cloud to change the colour of my breadcrumb above the title of a...
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  • Best way to change group/space navigation (Hosted 8)?

    We create communities for a variety of different groups (spaces/groups). Many of the groups are confused by the global nav (Overview, Content, People etc.) and would like it removed. We can easily remove it from an ov...
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    created by sharakarasic
  • supporting the wildcard annotations?

    Hi All   We are in the process of upgrading our jive instance from version 6 to version 8.we are seeing the compilation errors related to @depends wildcard annotations.   Are we supporting the wildcard anno...
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    created by smetla
  • css for a custom view tile

    Here's the html i am using for creating a custom tile   The above is showing the following tile     Can someone tell me what classes I need to include to get the word wrapping and the background co...
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  • Variables available in Soy and FTL files

    Hello, all.   I am looking for a list of variables available in Soy/FTL theme files. Is anyone aware of any documentation around this?   For instance, in the '/template/docs/document.ftl' theme file, we have...
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    created by johnny12times
  • Optimizely

    Hi Jivers!   I've been granted access to Optimizely to test layouts and do A/B testing in our community. The problem is, I'm not able to attach the needed script to our header in the custom theming tool (it looks...
  • Widget order changes on publish!

    I have had this occur a few times on me in the past but honestly forget the fix and think that others may have this problem as well. So, time to problem solve as a team!   That being said, the order of which I p...
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  • Why does Jive place tag clouds above titles in tag search results?

    If I click on the tag in a post, I don't want to see all the other tags that get used with it, I want to see all the content tagged with tweet sheet.   I understand there could be utility in displaying all thos...
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    created by nb-mdso
  • Is it possible to hide specific theme elements for External Contributors?

    Hi,   I've recently enabled the External Groups feature on our UAT site and have been testing to see how things look for an External Contributor. Is it possible to hide specific theme elements for External Cont...
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  • Is there a way to change the jive 8 default search button (magnify glass) into a search bar, like it is on this header?

    Hi all,   we recently updated to jive 8 and the users complain, that they always have to click the search button first to get the textbox of the search: Can you give me a hint on how to change the default the...
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  • Help creating a responsive footer

    With the news feature going live in our community over the weekend, I have been rethinking our footer design.  I am not a coder and our internal team is backlogged.  I thought this might be a fun exercise fo...
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    created by kim.nelson
  • Column widths for Pages with Tiles

    Hi All,   Is it possible to change the width of the columns that hold the 'Narrow' tiles?  I'm fine with the 'Wide' tiles to auto-ajust thier width, but I need the narrow columns 100 pixels wider.   T...
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