Our company was looking for a way to increase the social aspect of our employee base while at the same time being able to knock down departmental information silos. Prior to using Jive, the company had no organized intranet page and information was severely restricted to your knowledge of people in the company. With new hires like myself, we’d be left in a bind of constantly asking where to find information whereas those with years of experience in the company would already be in the know.


Now that we’ve implemented Jive, we have the ability to point everyone towards a single location for any work or social related information. As an example, we have someone who has started a group around a charity walk which begins next month. Our HR space is now the most utilized area on the intranet, with everyone having the ability to find their HR-related forms in a snap without having to hunt down 2-3 people. We’re able to learn about better places to eat around the area as someone created the “EATS” group for foodies. We have our IT team creating simple 1-minute (hilarious) videos on topics such as “How to not pick a terrible password.” In short, it’s expanding beyond what we initially expected and certainly in a positive manner.


Although the Jive product is still in its infancy here at FOJP, we can already see the type of easy gains we can achieve through it and I very much look forward to seeing where it will be a year from now.