Having grown exponentially over the span of just a few months, our company began looking for a way to connect our East Coast corporate office with our new West Coast office beyond email and phone. Additionally, we were looking for new ways to share and archive knowledge - be it documentation, ideas, or simply documented discussions. Overall, we reviewed 15 different vendors over the span of two months, and found that Jive offered nearly every function that we needed, as well as functions we didn't even know we needed! From the content revision functionality, to the polling options, to the ease of use, we really felt that we had found the answer to our prayers, and so we moved forward very quickly, implementing Jive within two months. What's great about Jive is the fact that it is very intuitive, user-friendly, and supports organic growth. Our company really loves Jive because it has allowed us to connect both professionally (knowledge sharing), and socially (company event announcements and post-event sharing). All in all, we are very pleased with our choice and have never looked back. As we continue to grow, Jive also continues to grow along with us.