Earlier today I came across a great thought leadership article that I felt compelled to share: 5 Things Leaders of High-Growth Companies Need to Know About Employee Engagement | Inc.com


For me, the 5 main takeaways were:


  1. Employee Engagement affects your bottom line: "Organizations with a high ratio of engaged employees to actively disengaged employees in 2010-2011 experienced a 147% higher EPS compared with their competition in 2011-2012"
  2. Employee engagement is a tool: "Employee engagement isn't your goal--it's the tool that helps your goal."
  3. Employee engagement requires a strategy: "Before you jump in and start trying to make improvements, you need to step back and create a process and a plan for managing your efforts intentionally"
  4. Employee engagement is a local issue: "The ones that really get engagement right are the ones that give ownership of the process to people at the local level--managers, departments, and business unit leaders."
  5. Real-time information is powerful: "What are you waiting for?"


How can Employee Engagement - Jive Software positively impact your organization? And to all of our customers - feel free to chime in with any relevant success stories!