UnJiveWorld 2015 team members,


Thank you for organizing this event and inviting us to speak and share the exciting news about Jive w apps. As I promised in the session we had, here's a summary of the apps and great resources for you to use.


Big thank you to, Sandy Cook and James White for presenting and demoing the new integrated solutions.


So, why did we talk about? What's the new trend?

The modern interactive intranet for the modern employee brings with it a variety of great products to serve all the new needs that are out there. People use more and more apps on their mobile devices to get connected with friends, stay up-to-date, and get their tasks done. That's in their personal life but how do we address similar expectations in their work environment?


Over the last 6 months Jive introduced three new purpose-built apps to the market:



Are these apps integrated with Jive n?


Our Jive n 2015.3 cloud release provides a complete integration with the three new Workstyle apps. But not only that. As we showed in the session, these apps are integrated between themselves, to make employees happier and more successful with the tools and information that they need at their fingertips.


How can I get the new apps to my devices?

We were very happy to see the excitement in the room when we said that most of the products are for FREE!

  • Jive Daily: Admins simply need to enable this app in Jive n and users can simply start seeing the news in the mobile app. They can start Liking and Commenting on posts and enjoy the cool Inbox. Also, they can easily tap on a person's name and start Chiming them (you need to download the free Jive Chime app)
  • Jive Chime: Users can simply go to the App Store, Google Play, or www.jivesoftware.com/chime and get the app for free. Download it both to your desktops and your mobile devices to stay connected at all times.
  • Jive Circle: Contact James White for questions about how to connect your Jive n identity to Jive Circle. We have a special promotion nowadays


How can I learn more?

Join our upcoming webinars to see the integration with Jive n in action. We will walk you through the actual steps in the guides above and make sure to answer your questions:

  • Save your seat for Jive Daily webinar: Sign up here: http://jive.to/1OAhcFR
  • We will update you with the registration link to the Jive Chime + Jive Circle webinar

Join our spaces in Jive Community:

[Archived] Jive Chime

Jive Daily

Jive Circle



Thank you for coming. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions and feedback.



Libby Taylor