Photo album / Image gallery (built into core product)

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In an internal environment, it would be great if we could have a built-in photo/image gallery where images could be stored full-size to facilitate downloading of the original image for use, with a thumbnail version to preview.


Feature would ideally look like this:


  • Album/gallery reside within groups, spaces and projects - maybe another tab?? Which would then give you a list of Galleries, from there you go into the gallery and view the individual thumbnails, being able to click on a thumbnail to view a larger version, and download original file.
  • Categorize them, like with discussions and documents.
  • Upload multiple files at one time to a gallery, with option of editing the titles after they have been uploaded, or take the file name as the title.
  • Comment on, rate and "like" individual photos (like Facebook)
  • Set visibility, collaboration, etc same with documents, including to turn on/off the ability to download the original file.


This is an area that Jive SBS is lacking in greatly. currenlty the only way I can see being able to have a "gallery" or "album" is to add images to a document and then also add the files themselves as attachments to that document. This is not user-friendly - how do users know which image file they want to download then, plus you have to add each image separately.


Internal, employee based communities should not be required to use outside websites such as Flickr or Picassa to store their photos.


Anyone else see this being a useful feature?? I hope i'm not alone!!



Jive offers a Photo Gallery Plugin that delivers this functionality. This is an extension, not literally built into core, and feels like a part of the core experience for end users.


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