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Add support for Category seeding in getCreateNewFormRelativeURL for ContentObjectTypeInfoProvider Interface

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This is a very targetted request.  In dealing with the following discussion:

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A bug was discovered in the way the TagSetManager works with Drafts and persists the changes to the DB.  In looking at the ContentObjectTypeProvider I see that you guys have created a new means of creating these "create new" URLs


public String getCreateNewFormRelativeURL(JiveContainer targetContainer, boolean isUpload, String temporaryObjectId,String tags, String subject)


This is great; however, it has no mentions of Categories which are fundamental in 4.5 to all content-types.


Would it be possible to add a Set<Long> tagSets to this interface...I do not ask this lightly.  I understand the impact of changing the interface and/or making additional methods.  But as I see it, the ability to create a new piece of content pre-seeded with a category is just as useful as having it preceeded with Tags.


Note:  Another way to approach this would be to have support when creating content, that when the tagSet (or contentTagSets) variable is passed in the URL, that the values are honored and seeded appropriately.


If there are any questions, please let me know.

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