Bulk/Batch Content Management Capabilities

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Our users often want to bulk change categories, edit tags, or bulk delete obsolete content.   I've had many discussions with Jive about this over the years but don't think there has been an Idea logged specifically for it (until now!).  Since we are the people who need to keep our Jive sites current, relevant, and valuable, it would be great to have some bulk capabilities for doing these things.  It is quite painful right now.


I envision a person with place administration permissions being able to filter on content to produce a result set they want to act on and then go into a 'bulk edit' or 'bulk manage' mode where they can delete, move or update metadata.  Being able to selectively remove items from the list and also being able to prevent email notifications would be key.


I get asked about this A LOT and feel it myself in my own areas as well.


This would greatly improve the long term viability of community areas, improve search, user browsing experiences etc.  People want to clean up and reorganize content - it's just very hard right now.



Update from Jive (January 2014): In addition to generally available bulk management capabilities in Box, Google Drive, etc. when storing files externally, for Jive native content this has been possible through the APIs for some time. I just got a demo of the extension Jive PS has recently built for bulk content management and was blown away by this example of how much is now possible in an easy and upgrade-safe way on the platform. We do of course wish we could offer this out of the box, but are happy to have a solution available now. Please contact Jive Services if interested.


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