Social way to mark content as old/obsolete

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We all struggle with obsolete content in our deployments.  Employees get upset when they spend time reading content that is out of date or no longer relevant.


I'd love to see something like the 'Like' feature but that can be used to socially flag content as old or obsolete.  Then ideally space admins could easily locate this content and deal with it.  See the "Bulk operations" Idea for more thoughts on that too.



I am adding some details below from an idea that Ryan Rutan logged so that we can combine the two ideas:


Marking content as old/obsolete, "Needs Attention" or "Out of Date"

  • Would notify the Author(s) letting them know that someone feels the content may be out of date.
  • Marks can be accrued and displayed in the UI ... this helps build a "How much should I trust this document score?" - Similar to Liking
  • These can also be used to influence relevancy

If the content is updated (i.e. new verson)....all marks for "out of date" are cleared



In a way, this could play a stronger more succinct role than relying on users to comment and fully engage the Author or content, mainly because it restricts the feedback to the specific version of the content and allows for a "reset" when the content is updated.  This is unlike adding tags, comments, and ratings which tend to stick around long after a new revision has been added.



In an ideal world, users would update the content to make it accurate; however, in many cases....readers are not educated on the internals of a given piece of documentation, so they may not be empowered to resolve inaccuracies even if they had the inclination to do so.



The "Outdated" Structured Outcomes delivers this and offers the opportunity to point to replacement content.


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