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Allow moderators to "feature content".

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I love the new Featured Content widget in concept, as it solves a real need to have "sticky notes". My moderators have complained about this before we upgraded to 4.5. I've even had users asking for this feature now.


It was a huge disappointment to realize that you have to be a space admin to make use of this feature however. The result is that we simply don't use the Featured Content widget.


I trust my moderators to feature the appropriate content. They are more plugged in with the day to day issues in the community as they are the ones primarily answering all the customer questions. They don't need nor want the additional permission to be able to change the widgets, layout, content types, or permissions for the entire space.


This is a huge let down for me as they are screaming for this and I can't give it to them.


In the next version of 4.5.x or a patch, it would be so great if the default permission for featured content could be changed to moderator and above.

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