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I am one of the lobby admin in Vox and i want to know if if we can view the traffic in my lobby across discussions, ideas, blogs, doc uploads etc in one snap shot in a e-mail like how i get a community digest update bi-weekly today. But the community digest only provide data like the below for links where i have contributed or created and not all the discussion threads in my lobby for a particular period across any type of discussion - ideas, blogs, discussions, doc upload etc, This will be a very critical and useful view for any lobby admin to report the traffic across the different discussions to the leadership.


Please let me know how this can be done or will be done. I did look at the discussion, document, blog, ideas tab and they are not consistent in format and they are not in one place and all of them are not at a summary level for getting a quick glance of the metrics of views, comments, replies across threads. Having this view tell us what people are interest in and why so that we can adjust our focus accordingly.


The community digest view i get is below but i want this to  be extended to the entire lobby as explained above.


Your Content

Activity around content you've created or contributed to

  • X idea was viewed 18 times and commented on by 5 people
  • Y discussion was viewed 21 times and replied to by 4 people
  • Z blog was viewed 54 times and commented on by 1 person


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