Allow for Responsively Designed Implementations of Jive

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We have struggled internally on how we should approach mobile web design for quite awhile. It began with our need to develop an iPhone application. Then as Android burst on the scene and gained mass amounts of popularity, it seemed a native Android application was the answer. Now each platform has expanded beyond their initial cell phone size and, primarily thanks to the iPad, tablets are introducing a new set of interface sizes into the equation.  Responsive design is a strategy that attempts to address all of these concerns by having a page that displays its content based on screen size. The idea is to use a blend of flexible grids, media queries, javascript, and flexible media to deliver content optimally, regardless of how your users are trying to utilize your site. The concept was originally pioneered by Ethan Marcotte in his A List Apart article 'Responsive Web Design' [1]. In the article Ethan outlines how, through media queries, we determine if the device is equal to or less than a specific resolution, and if so, we load our content, css, etc based on that size.

Currently we are in the process of incorporating responsive design into a lot of our internally developed sites.  It would be great if our Jive implementation could be as adaptive for mobile as the rest of our site. 


A List Apart: Articles: Responsive Web Design


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