Ability to export user lists

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Currently there is no easy way to capture a list of members within a given group.  Instead, only full Jive admins can access group member information, and even they can only view 15 names at a time on the group member list and can't export the list to something useful, such as excel.  Having the ability to easily export community group lists would many benefits, including:


  • Allow for periodic checks by IT and/or community managers to make sure all members of a group are supposed to be there
  • Create an easy way to share member information with single space community managers instead of having to grant them full Jive admin rights to view this information or placing an additional burden on the full Jive admins
  • Easily distribute member lists to appropriate people and/or groups in an organization for analysis, marketing efforts, etc.
  • Provide additional options for manipulating member information for internal business purposes






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