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    Getting threads on the basis of category




           I have to develop a widget on homepage which will show the only the threads(discussions) related to category(tagset) in a Space(community). I came to know a method "com.jivesoftware.community.impl.DBForumManager.JiveIterator<ForumThread> getThreads(TagSet tagSet)".




      I have tried also "com.jivesoftware.community.impl.DBForumManager.JiveIterator<ForumThread>getThreads(container)" but still no result.




      I assumed that this method will give me the iterator of the forum threads depending on the tagset passed, but it doesn't show me any.




      Added the dependency






      <bean id="fcCategoryWidget" class="com.foodcentral.community.widget.FCCategoryWidget">


                   <property name="forumThreadWrapperCategory" ref="forumThreadWrapperCategory"/>


                   <property name="categoryForumManager" ref="forumManagerImpl"/>












      Below is the method code snippet from the widget.






      public void setCategoryForumManager(ForumManager forumManager) {


              this.forumManager = forumManager;






      protected Map<String, Object> loadProperties(WidgetContext widgetContext,


                  ContainerSize containerSize) {


              Map<String, Object> properties = super.loadProperties(widgetContext,






              JiveContainer container = getContainerFromContext(widgetContext);




              JiveIterator<TagSet> categories = null;


              JiveIterator<ForumThread> categoryContent = null;


              categories = tagSetManager.getTagSets(container);


              TagSet defaultTagSet = null;




              for (TagSet tagSet : categories) {


                  defaultTagSet = tagSet;








              categories = tagSetManager.getTagSets(container);          


              logger.error("Inside defaulttagset block"+ defaultTagSet);




                  if (null != defaultTagSet) {




                      try {


                          categoryContent = forumManager.getThreads(defaultTagSet);






                      } catch (Exception e) {


                          // TODO Auto-generated catch block




                          logger.error("Inside Esception block");












                      categoryContent = forumManager.getThreads(container);




                  properties.put("categoryContent", categoryContent);


                  logger.error("arpanLogs" +categoryContent);






              properties.put("defaultTagSet", defaultTagSet);


              properties.put("categories", categories);


              properties.put("discussionThreadHandler", forumThreadWrapperCategory);


              properties.put("numResults", getNumResults());


              properties.put("currentUser", widgetContext.getUser());




              return properties;






      But still i am not getting any result . Please help on this as i need to deliver the same on urgent basis.