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    setter injection does not work for any beans from spring-coreV2Context.xml



      I'm trying to use the "groupCollectionEntityConverterV2" spring bean from spring-coreV2ConverterContext.xml (which is imported by spring-coreV2context.xml) but the spring bean always turns up null.

      I've tried two ways..

      1) setter injection for  com.jivesoftware.api.core.v2.converters.containers.GroupEntityConverter groupCollectionEntityConverterV2

      2) adding this in my spring.xml

      <property name="collectionEntityConverter" ref="groupCollectionEntityConverterV2"/>

      and then adding a setter


      public final void setCollectionEntityConverter(Function<C, E> collectionEntityConverter) {
      this.collectionEntityConverter = collectionEntityConverter;

      I noticed that I cannot use any of the spring beans from the spring-coreV2*.xml

      Why is this? How do I use these spring beans if I need it?

      PS: I'm writing a web service and and need to reference some of these spring beans.