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    Quicktemplate questions


      Hey Ryan Rutan


      I have recently installed the quicktemplate plugin to test in our UAT environment and I am working to test the functionality of copying to a users personal container via a link in an html widget.  I am experiencing an issue and wonder if I may have something incorrect in my html or if it is something else in our instance, with the plugin or with Jive...


      the html that I am using is:

      <a href="http://OURCOMMUNITYNAME/quicktemplates/create-from-doc.jspa?templateID=DOC-164962&containerID=5605&containerType=2020&objectType=102&copyCategories=false&copyTags=true&templateTag=template">Copy the ABC Job Aid to Your Documents</a>



      • templateID is the document number of the document to copy
      • containerID is the container the template is located
      • containerType is personal container of the user
      • objectType is document


      I click on the link and it opens a new doc in your documents with the content of the template (perfect)

      I change the title and make no other changes (perfect)

      Save and it shows that it has saved to my documents (perfect)

      However, the links on the screen link to a different user.  As I hover my mouse over More documents by Troy Gardella (and click through) it takes me to a different user (see URL to different user profile in lower left of screenshot)


      The content lives in my documents as it should, but even if I go back to the document, the same links to the other user in More documents by Troy Gardella are experienced. 

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          Ryan Rutan

          Havent seen this issue before with quicktemplates, but it sounds eerily like a bug from that was fixed in 5.0.1.


          Can you try the following steps (sounds weird):

          • After navigating away, click back to the document.
          • Hit refresh (in browser).
          • Then re-click the link.

          Sounds weird, but if that doesn't solve it...I'll need to take a look.  This is a test case that I've used heavily in the past,so pretty sure it should work...but always welcome the feedback. =)