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    Jive Hosting roles and responsibilities

    grantc Advanced

      Hi Jive Hosting, we are in the process of moving hosting to you and am looking for info on what is included in your Hosting package. Reason I ask is, for example, when we recently installed the new ‘Community Manager Reports” we needed to restart Jive. Our current local Tech partner did this for us but who would we ask to do this in the future once we are with Jive Hosting? Is it part of The Jive Hosting package (i.e. We send a request to your hosting team) or something that another Tech partner would need to do? Just need an outline of hosting services roles & responsibilities

      Also we have a Bank client who uses our community and they are looking for absolute clarity on the security behind Jive Hosting. They are looking for information on where the server and Jive application actually reside, (e.g. of the physical location and hardware itself).  Documentary verification of the security controls at Jive Hosting are required. Can you direct me to this information please ( Note they are also wanting full details on security around the Jive Platform. Various info has been received from Jive but it is yet to provide the assurance they need specifically for the version 4.5.7. we are moving to this week. So far we have been sent The Gray box pen test for Social Business Software V4.5 and V4.5.5 in November 2010 (20 security vulnerabilities found) and the detailed Jive automated security assessment on Beta V5.0.1 in September 2011 (2 application security vulnerabilities found) - Neither or which match version 4.5.6. we are currently on or the 4.5.7 we are moving to.  Our client is also particularly interested in any work done to remediate the risks identified in any assessment

      Who can provide this kind of information so we can resolve this for our client