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    Authentication Spring Filters are not reached



      I am trying to install our custom Jive SBS authentication plugin that will allow our employees to seamlessly log in to Jive and try out a our Jive Proof of Concept installation. I successfully installed my plugin via the admin console and restarted Jive Application. But my authentication filters are not reached.

      I have a local instance of Jive with my plugin installed and working. However, when I install it in the POC, it does not pick it up. I did notice that the developer version (from Maven) that I am running locally is Jive SBS and the POC is jive SBS

      Are there any differences in these versions in matters of Spring Filter Injection via plugins? I followed the documentation for building this plugin.  Is the Proof of Concept not a full version of Jive SBS?. One curious thing I noticed was the that the acegi JAR files were not present in the POC

      installation, yet the documentation and the example Authentication Plugin use them.


      Luis Atencio