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    Is it possible to download of YouTube files to a local server?


      This is a tricky question from one of our users in China.I don't think this is possible, but figured someone in the global community might have some ideas. Corey Mathews have you seen anything like this in the past?


      I see a couple primary issues:

      • downloading the actual YouTube video (possible? legal?)
      • the number of steps needed to connect the downloaded video to the discussion


      In China, YouTube is blocked. For some laptop users there's the option to switch proxy servers, but about 80% of the team cannot do this. This means that blog posts, discussions and case studies are often made weaker by not having the ability to view the video/ad that people are referencing in the discussion. Opening all PCs LAN settings is currently not an option for us.


      China is the third biggest office for us, but most of the staff can't truly engage with the content and as a result I believe many will dis-engage with the whole website.


      So I want to find a work-around, some kind of software/spider that does the following:


      - Set-up on a laptop that can connect to an outside proxy server that can get to YouTube.

      - Each morning, crawls all the new content on our Jive instance looking for YouTube links

      - Downloads the video from YouTube using some software like http://www.keepvid.com/ (though probably an offline version would work better)

      - Saves the video file to a local drive

      - Returns to the place where the discussion is happening and ads a reply with links to the content folder

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          downloading the actual YouTube video (possible? legal?)

          It is possible and legal and this happens every time you watch a video. You may have problems to locate it in the local browser cache. Tools like DownloadHelper - Media download Firefox extension allow to select the format (240p-1080p if available) and save the file into a random folder.


          Did you read Terms of Service - YouTube ?

          You agree not to distribute in any medium any part of the Service or the Content without YouTube's prior written authorization, unless YouTube makes available the means for such distribution through functionality offered by the Service (such as the Embeddable Player).

          Having the authorization you may also get a tool to access the videos more easy or do this manually. The videos may also contain Sony, BMG, ... content which is likely copyright protected, so one needs to review them manually. Developing and maintaining an application to do this may be more expensive.

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            We've been having some internal discussions lately on how to best work with the "great firewall", but the concerns I've heard have mainly been around degraded performance and page load times. How are things in that regard? A page that takes 20 seconds to load can be a deterrent as well. Let me float this internally and see if any of our network folks have an idea.


            For video, have you explored any third-party video modules to host the content instead of YouTube, either our own or Brightcove or Vbrick or the like? That would get you around the terms of service issue, anyway.

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