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    Jive Anywhere Ignored Sites

    John Schwiller

      Shouldn't it be possible to edit an entry here, for example to set the whole root site to be ignored. 


      ignore sites.jpg

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          You're right. It would be great to disable a whole domain. Currently we have a problem with Jira and Jive Anywhere together with chrome. We have big problems in using Jira since we installe Jive Anywhere 2.0.5

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              I believe it is possible to do something like www.*.jira.com to disable every Jira site. Substitute your domain of choice to block that instead of Jira. That's the way it works for whitelists, I believe that's how it works for restricted sites as well. If not, will definitely take a look at this for the next release.


              Lars - for your Jira issue specifically, the newest version of JA, coming out in our Fall release, has solved most incompatibility/conflict issues with Jira. We use it daily and don't have issues.