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    Jive for Teams - And Outlook Connector

    John Schwiller Guru

      I just tried to convert a long email thread into a discussion on Jive for Teams and I got this error even though the named user has been invited to the secret group.

      Outlook convert.jpg


      On 5.0 I would just use Ryan's Admin Essentials to push the user into the group and try again. But now I cannot do that as I can't use plugins.


      What is the workaround (?) other than just having to wait until everyone on the thread has joined the group which may never happen. What about giving a 'warning' in Convert to Discussion but allowing a Group Owner (or any member) to 'force' the conversion? I accept that this would result in a strange situation where a user who is not actually a member of the secret group has posted to the converted thread but IMO the alternative of having to wait is even less efficient.


      My view FWIW in this case is that as a group owner I really want the thread in the group now and whereas I could achieve that on 5.0 with Ryan's plug-in I'm not able to on Jive for Teams which seems like a backwards step - at least until 6.0 is launched fully.

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          John Schwiller Guru

          BTW I figured a messy way around this. Switch the group from secret to open, make the conversion - now it doesn't alarm about people that aren't members, and then switch it back to secret. But would prefer another way, perhaps even one that allows ordinary group members to do it.

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            Billy Volpone Advanced

            Hi John,


            The main idea behind how that content is brought in is to expand the conversation out to the larger group and if users were already discussing the topic in email, it's best to put it in a space/group within Jive that they can all access.


            Another option you might have is to get it into Jive in an open container and then 'move' it to where you need it to live.


            Hope this helps.

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                John Schwiller Guru

                Problem is that doing this convert to discussion may be at or near the beginning of the creation of the group - as in this case. So whereas before I could use Ryan's plug in now in J4T it's more messy. Still as long as there are workarounds I guess we can live with it.


                I suppose the Convert function couldn't not alarm and procede if the users are not members but *have* been invited? Cureently it only looks to see if they are members. Sagi Eliyahu