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    Help needed for search / discussions in our instance


      Hi Jivers!


      So I've signed up for a teams account, and am absolutely loving everything in the latest version. I have been looking forward to this launch for a very long time!


      We're barely 1 week in and are all adding content and having some great discussions, and I've run into just a few small issues so far:


      1. Our search seems to only be searching titles of content. If I type a phrase word for word from a document, it's not showing up in our search results. I can only get results if I type a phrase from the content title. Known issue and fix pending I hope?


      2. The second issue I saw was when trying to branch a discussion. After branching and confirming, it navigated me to the new thread page, but instead of a new thread I saw an unauthorized exception page.


      any word on these? Search especially?