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    Details on the spell check dictionary files




      Is there any documentation on the details of where the spell check words are stored in Jive?  The only documentation I could find is the one that shows you how to add a word via the admin console.


      We just did a migration from our early adopter server to our production servers (with two web app nodes) and found that the spell check words did not migrate from the database like I thought they would.  I did some searching and found that the dictionary lives in the file below.




      And when we add a new word to the dictionary, the file above is automatically updated on all of the web app nodes.  This dictionary file also appears to apply globally across all of the languages.


      The admin console also doesn't appear to provide a way to add words to a specific language dictionaries. Is there a way to do that outside of manually updating the files?  If we do have to update the files then what format do we use?


      Note that this information is something to keep in mind because as part of a refresh process from production down to UAT, we need to either manually re-add the words or copy the dictionary files if we want to dictionary words to be refreshed as well.


      Thanks, Bruce...