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    Missing REST functionality?

      I'm looking over the SBS 5.0 REST APIs.  I'm not seeing obvious ways to:


      1. View content rating or rate content.
      2. Post a user status update.
      3. Add an activity stream message.


      Has anyone had any luck at doing any of this over REST?  I'm interested in exposing space documents in a 3rd party application and integrating events from 3rd party applications into the activity stream.

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          The current Jive core API  v2 doesn't support updating the activity stream. I believe this feature is coming in the next version of the API.  Another possibility would be to use a Jive App.

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            1.  I think you're right about rating, that may be in the Legacy REST services. However, we usually recommend using Like instead of rating, since that's a more common social affirmation pattern.  The individual content type services have the like method on them.

            2. Status update is part of MyService REST Reference : My Service

            3. Ian is right, you can't update the activity stream because the update as to be associated with either a content item/activity or an App.


            You might also check out


            REST Reference : Update Service

            REST Reference : Post Service

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              Regarding (3), in Jive 5 it was possible for a Jive App to create activity stream entries, but not a general REST client.  That's on the list to be addressed in Jive 6 with Jive Core API V3.

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                  Is there any preview documentation of changes in the core API v3. There's other functionality only in the legacy Apis that I'd like to see added.  What the best mechanism to get our requirements across?

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                      The v3 REST APIs on the current cloud release of Jive 6 are available at Jive Core REST API on our documentation website.  This is about a month behind where current development is at the moment -- a lot more work in the content area has been going on recently.  In addition, we're starting some work tasks to vastly improve the quantity and quality of API documentation, plus building out the JavaScript API equivalents to these REST APIs for use in Jive Apps.


                      If you have particular requirements you want to get on the table, a discussion here would be a good place to start that.

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                          It would be nice to see the git repository fleshed out with PetClinic-like examples created (and maintained) with documentation to describe what the examples are and to what features they pertain.  It would be nice to see one sample 3rd party integration with full CRUD capabilities (not simply read).


                          I'd like to see more thorough, hand written documentation embedded in the generated API docs.  It would also be nice to have @since notation and summaries of the changes from one API release to the next, so that I don't have to page back and forth comparing them.  Subsequent API versions should be a superset of the entire previous API with exception for functionality that has been previously deprecated and dropped.