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    Brightcove / Twistage / Ooyala - Video Hosting and Player


      So between all of the options out there, what is best? Brightcove / Twistage / or Ooyala? We are looking for a few things with our result but wanted to keep the question open! Thanks.

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          Best is entirely dependent on what you're looking for. To name a few considerations: Are you looking to store and access video outside of Jive? Are you looking to host other digital assets? Are you looking to push any of these assets into public media sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)? What kind of analytics are you looking for? Do you need it work seamlessly with Jive, or are you willing to do a little customization?

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              Great questions to say the least... Here are our thoughts:

              • We need to make sure we are 508 Compliant with all the videos we put up (CC / Transcripts / Etc)
              • We are looking to store the videos outside of Jive
              • Our goal are videos / audio podcast
              • We will not be opening these up on YouTube and all, these are private.
              • Analytics are huge but more we are concerned with hosting, we have our own analytic data gathering system
              • Originally, we wanted to have it work seamlessly with Jive, but now we realize that we will need to do customization. Twistage module, which we have, doesn't do all we need so we are realizing that we need to build this out ourselves.


              Thanks for your help / questions!

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                  When we were after a video solution 3 years ago, we felt Ooyala was the best and continue to be very pleased with their services today. Our top requirements were a) we need a provider that would allow us to embed videos anywhere while still giving us necessary access controls (because we had multiple video providers in use across the company previously), b) global content delivery network, c) the ability to stream back high resolution videos of screen captures (for software training videos), and d) robust analytics. We built a custom video content type in Jive to use ooyala that has the same basic features as the Jive video module. We also use the videos in our wiki software, another resource guide web app with restricted access, and our corporate web site. And while you might not have stiff analytics requirements now, I bet you'll be extremely pleased with how robust ooyala's analytics really are. Happy to answer any other questions you have about Ooyala, but I can't provide any recent opinions on the other providers.

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                      Hi Brice,

                      I am glad that Ooyala is working for you. We are planning to use it internally too and had couple of quick questions. You mentioned you created a separate content type for video and I was wondering how your interfacing with Ooyala. Are you using Jive's upload video interface and have calls to Oooyala in the backend using its SDK or you have your content editors go to Ooyala's interface to upload/transcode there and copy the link back in content. I guess that will also answer my other question about whether the videos are hosted internally or in the cloud.

                      Thanks in advance.