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    Microsoft’s View of the Future Workplace is Brilliant, Here’s Why … « David Merzel's BLOG

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      Microsoft’s View of the Future Workplace is Brilliant, Here’s Why …

      David Merzel's BLOG

      Take a look at this excellent article from Mark Fidelman, FORBES. Original article HERE I’ve spent the last two months traveling around the U.S. and Europe visiting Fortune 500 executives and Mi...

      Well, had I only known there was a title called "Social CIO" ... if I did, I would have asked for that instead of "Social Business Architect".

      It's nice to see people mention (IMO) what makes Social Business so big: the opportunity for reward.  Granted, risk is always the opposing part of that equation, but I find it difficult to believe that with all the technologies in the modern enterprise, that companies are unable to balance risk & reward in such a way that they can achieve significant and worthwhile rewards while still operating within the comfort of their risk portfolio.

      What are your thoughts?  Are you a budding/current Social CIO?  What would you say to the people finding it difficult to find this balance and take the next step?


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