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    I do not see my widget in any category




      I am developing a HelloWorldWidget but I do not know why not my widget is not shown on any Category wihtin Manage/Overview Page options. The widget does no appears in any category. Not in Content, or Places or People or Other.


      I have followed the Building Widgets tutorial


      I have spent a lot of time with this and I do not know what is wrong.


      I have attached the .jar file....


      Any helps it is very appreciated



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            Hi Geoff, thanks for answer!


            I saw this plugin but I don't know how exactly to use...is there any manual or something like that?


            Thank you!

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                Download the project (zip file), build the plugin using maven and then upload it to your Jive instance.  From there you'll see a new widget in the "other" category.  I don't know where you stand in your learning process, so it's a bit hard for me to help.


                As for me, I work on Jive since 4 weeks now, I have a lot to discover, but I think I covered the basic.


                Let me know when you have done the first step.

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                    Hi Geoff


                    Thank you so much for your help,


                    I have followed your steps with Jive Foo but the plugin doesn't work well... When I go to in Admin Console to System>Settings>Configure Foo I see this error:


                    System Error


                    We're sorry but a serious error has occurred in the system.


                    And when the platform is starting (cargo-start daemon) I have saw this error message:


                    [INFO] [talledLocalContainer] FATAL error found in plugin: jive-fu-plugin. Plugin should be removed and a new version installed. Removing bean definition: fooRetentionAdapterInstructions found in: URL [file:/root/Desktop/JiveEducation/web/../target/jiveHome/plugins/jive-fu-plugin/spring.xml]


                    Anyway, I see the Foo Widget but I don't know how to use or what is its utility.


                    In other hand, I still trying to build a HelloWorldWidget... Have you been able to check my .jar feel?


                    Thank you very much Geoff!





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                        Maybe you have a collision when running both plugin at the same time (name conflict)?  Just to let you know, jive-fu does nothing, it's just a demo app that teach you the different possibilities the plugin development offers.  In your case, you want to learn how to build a simple Widget.


                        I haven't look at your widget yet.  If you have a chance, send me the source and I'll try to debug you.  Unfortunately I am working full time and it's hard to help during the office hour.  I'll do my best (with the little experience I have in plugin development) to debug your widget.



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                            Hi Geoff!


                            At end I got to see the widget, but I I receive a FreeMarker error! I will continue working.


                            Thank you for all your help!



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                                Hi Geoff!

                                Finally I got to run my plugin!


                                Now I'm trying to develop other widgets... I have some questions, I ask you, if you can help me I would aprreciate a lot!


                                I'm trying to develop a clock widget. In my Java class, through a thread, I recalculate the time every second, and I compose a String with the complete hour.


                                I paint the time (complete hour) in the widget, but the time is only painted one time, is not refreshing in the widget... but in the variable the time is changing continuously!


                                How I can refresh the painted hour continously???? I have to use ajax or something like this??


                                And another question:


                                I saw in this thread (https://community.jivesoftware.com/message/1079095#1079095) that you we're developing a blog widget... I'm trying to develop a blog widget too! The widgets shows a list of all public blogs. Searching on the Api, I found a BlogManager class that I think is the class that I have to use.


                                But the problem is that this class is implemented as an interface, so, does that mean that all methods of this class are not implemented, only defined? I have to implement?


                                If not, how can I use this class, and all its methods?


                                Thank you so much for your help Geoff!


                                Best regards!

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                                    Hey Rafa, I am happy to know that your plugin works!



                                    I would say that yes, you have to use Ajax, but how, that I don't know.  For now I just did easy stuff in order to familiarize myself with the different pieces of the puzzle.  If during my reading I find something related to your case, I'll let you know.



                                    As for the second question, I think I have your answer.  Jive uses Spring for dependency injection.  Basically you just have to create a field and the setter that goes with it.  Spring will take care of the rest.  Don't forget that if you create bean, you'll have to create an entry for it in the spring.xml file.




                                    public class CustomWidget extends BaseLocationFilterableWidget {

                                        private BlogManager blogManager;


                                        public void setBlogManager( BlogManager blogManager ) {

                                            this.blogManager = blogManager;



                                        // Your code here.....



                                    If you want more details you can read the section "What is dependency injection?  How do you inject dependencies with Spring in Clearspace?" of the F.A.Q. Developers Community : Spring: Frequently Asked Questions


                                    Please tell me if that helped!