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      Who is able to create subspaces, by default, and how do you change these defaults?


      We're in trial mode. I just created a Space and on the Overview page, under Actions, there's the option to "Create a sub-space." Who can see, and act on this option? Just Sys Admins? or Anyone and everyone? I posted this question in our community, but it's a small group, and while I'm waiting for someone to respond, thought I'd try it out here.


      So, the second part of this question, is this behavior fixed, or can I change who is able to create subspaces, and if so, how?

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          Hi David,


          Specific to sub-spaces, only those with "manage community" admin rights can create or edit spaces/sub-spaces. Since you started this trial instance, you are the only person able to do this currently.


          To answer the other part of your question though, you can share this permissioning however you'd like. Simply navigate to the admin console and click on "permissions". Once there you can add any additional users to be admins with you.


          Hope this helps.