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    Jive Analytics DW and Jive 5 Activity from Activity Stream

    Ted Hopton

      We just upgraded to Jive 5 on April 20. This week, I finally got access to my SAP BO reports and I am looking to see what measurable differences are to be found in our community's activity and engagement pre- and post-upgrade. At the same time that we upgraded, we renamed our site from the Wiki (ugh!) to the Hub (yay!), and that makes it easy to talk about the comparisons, since Jive 4.5 was the Wiki and Jive 5 is the Hub.


      I see nice, sizable increases in contributor activity (note: I am not using the new definition of contributor that CMR uses). This data is from my Contributor Segmentation Level Report.


      But then I looked at the similar report for *all* activity, not just contributing activity. These activity codes were set in my Activity Segmentation Level report years ago.


      Now it is certainly possible that the upgrade has not led to greater numbers of active members, nor to greater numbers of members in the higher activity levels. But, there was a major change in the way people consume content in Jive 5: we now have an activity stream and communications page.


      So my question is, how is the data warehouse capturing these new ways of viewing content?

      • If in my activity stream I
        • preview or
        • expand or
        • click on something to see it in the viewer
      • Does that get captured in the data warehouse using the exact same activity codes that capture viewing activity when I actually click to open an item?
      • Same question as above for content in my communications page.


      I want to know if activity is still being accurately reported in SAP BO reports.

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          Ted Hopton

          Here's another thought I just had as I continue to analyze this and other data. Let's assume that all the viewing and previewing activity is being captured in my report, even from activity and communication streams.


          Could it be that using Jive 5 is more efficient than using Jive 4.5, and therefore people do less clicking around, therefore recording lower levels of "activity"? They can skim content now, with no need to even expand or preview much of it if it's short or if they see from the bit displayed in their activity stream that they aren't interested in it. So they can consume more content even while registering less activity in the tracking reports.


          I truly am not trying to force an explanation. I just want to find one. If the upgrade has had the positive effect of stimulating more contributing activity, it would seem likely that people are spending more time in the site, too -- they are having a more positive experience. Yet overall activity levels decreased slightly. The question is, why?

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              Interesting observations.  Just to clarify something that I think I have been inconsistent about in this space, here is the deal with Views and the activity stream

              (1) Just having something show up in a person's stream does NOT mean that a View gets registered for them

              (2) If the user click "Full Preview" to open up the full content, then a View DOES get registered


              So what you propose is certainly plausible: that a more stream-centric interface might lead to fewer Views since the content does not need to be Viewed to browse it.

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